The sensory service

We are a team of specialist staff, including teachers and other professionals, who promote the educational inclusion and achievement of children and young people with sensory impairments.

The service consists of three teams:

  • The Visual Impairment Team (VIT) – works with children with a visual impairment from the time of referral to when they leave school or further education
  • The Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team (DAHIT) – works with children who are deaf or hearing impaired from the time of diagnosis to when they leave school
  • Deaf START – provides support for deaf students in college or other further education settings

In addition to this the service also supports children and young people who have a multi-sensory or dual-sensory impairment (deafblind).

SignVideo BSL Live

To make it easier for Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users to access Council services, we have teamed up with SignVideo to provide SignVideo Web Access Points​ at some of our One Stop Centres and SignVideo Web Access to enable people to use this service from their own home.

Other organisations who work to support children and young people with sensory impairments:

Action for Blind People: clubs for children
Leeds Deaf Children's Society group
National Deaf Children's Society
RNIB - Supporting people with sight loss​




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