Development and training in children's social work

The Children’s Workforce Development Team provides a core learning offer which is free to the wider children’s workforce and includes training on: 
  • restorative practice
  • supervision 
  • assessment
  • safeguarding 
  • child sexual exploitation
  • child development
The team also offers individual support through mentoring and coaching and leads the restorative practice partnership training being rolled-out during 2015/16 as part of the Family Valued Innovation Programme (see the related pages section).

We work with external experts where appropriate so that training is based on best practice and objective analysis of the need and context in Leeds.

See the document section for the training brochure.

Employment in Children’s Social Work:

Working in children's services will let you access training and support including: 
  • a comprehensive programme of induction and support in a social worker’s first year, which Includes Action Learning Sets, academic learning, mentoring and Learning conferences to support practice and development.
  • regular training linked to the progression pathway and to the Professional Capability Framework. 
  • work with leading academics across the country who advise on practice improvement in Leeds, as well as a rolling programme of lectures and masterclasses.
  • an aspiring manager programme; an aspiring leader programme and a team manager induction and training programme. 
  • an annual social work conference. 
  • Leeds subscribes to and makes available events from Research in Practice and Making Research Count.
If you are interested in becoming part of the children’s social work team in Leeds, visit our recruitment pages. Leeds is part of a regional partnership  called Children's Social Work Matters across Yorkshire and Humberside who are committed to raising the standard and status of social work, you can find out more from their website.



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