Child health and disability occupational therapy

The Children’s Community Occupational Therapy service is managed by Leeds Community Healthcare Trust (NHS) and the Child Health and Disability (CHAD) Occupational Therapy Team is managed by Leeds City Council.

What we do:
The Children’s Community Occupational Therapy Service works with children, young people and families to enable them to take part in everyday activities at home, school and in the community. We make recommendations for equipment and housing adaptations to enable children to become more independent​.

The CHAD Occupational Therapy Team work with families, children and young people with a disability to assess:
  • How they manage everyday activities
  • Personal Care Tasks
  • General health and safety
  • Ways that the home environment may make activities difficult
  • Moving and handling
Further information:
To find out if your child or young person would benefit from a CHAD Occupational Therapy assessment please contact us as follows:
  • If you are a member of the public you can phone Children’s Social Work Services on 0113 2224403 between 8am and 6pm.  
  • If you are involved with a child or family in a professional capacity phone the Duty & Advice team on 0113 3760336 between 8am and 6pm. 



EquipmentEquipment<div class="ExternalClassA0E146EEAFE5480E94BB004A033A7097">The CHAD Occupational Therapy Team can recommend specialist equipment to support your child with tasks of daily living such as bathing or toileting. This equipment will be provided on loan by Leeds Community Equipment Stores at no charge. <br><span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span><br> The Children’s Services Access Officer works with local authority maintained schools, to provide physical access to school and nursery buildings used by children and young people with physical disabilities.  The officer also works with occupational therapy to provide specialist equipment so that children and young people can access the school curriculum.  You can contact the Access Officer on 0113 3951030. ​​</div>
Minor adaptationsMinor adaptations<div class="ExternalClassC370EA1D14C742BAB368CB9BF3EB7F8F">To support your child’s safety or independence, minor changes to your home environment may be needed. The occupational therapy team may make recommendations for minor adaptations which may include works such as installation of grab rails or handrails, widening of doorways or alterations to steps.<span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
Re-housingRe-housing<div class="ExternalClass64BA59406BA04F5E88E576CAEF5D9597"><span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>It is important to note that while the CHAD Occupational Therapy Team may identify needs that could be met by minor or major adaptations, Health and Housing or your council landlord may offer to meet your child’s needs in alternative ways such as rehousing to a more suitable property. The team sometimes recommends rehousing for families where existing facilities cannot be adapted to meet the needs of the child or young person.<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
Major adaptationsMajor adaptations<div class="ExternalClassD987C950EF904ED0B89E287498E93EB6">Some needs may require major changes to your home to create a safe and accessible environment for your child.  Major adaptations  include changes such<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span> as installation of a ramp, wet floor shower or creation of wheelchair accessible facilities throughout your home. The CHAD Occupational Therapy Team will make recommendation for the agency responsible for organising the work.  If you live in a council owned property managed by Leeds City Council, the works will be undertaken directly by the council and your local housing office can provide you with more information.  Please see our related pages for more information.<span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span><span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
What is the disabled facilities grant?What is the disabled facilities grant?<div class="ExternalClass9085E63169984014B11E2756DEC3E743">If you live in an owner occupied, privately rented or Housing Association property your child’s needs may be met by a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). The grant is not means tested for children. If you would like to find out more about DFG funding you can contact Health and Housing on 0113 3957146 or 0113 3957147. More information about Disables Facilities Grants can be found on the <a href=""><strong>GOV.UK website</strong></a>. ​​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></div>



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