Buying memorials and graves

Buying a grave now to be used for burial later

Not all cemeteries have graves available that can be reserved for later use. Please visit the Find cemeteries and crematoria to find out where there are available grave spaces to reserve.

You can contact the Administration Office at Farnley Hall by telephone on 0113 378 8196 or email where a member of staff will be able to inform you of what is involved, the cost, and what paperwork you need to complete to purchase a grave.

When purchasing a grave, you will be asked to sign a form which details the rules of the cemetery. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the Rules & Regulations for both Lawned & Non Lawned areas of cemeteries before signing as these rules must be adhered to. If you are unsure what grave type it is you are purchasing, please ask.
The rules are available to view:


Our fees document (PDF 37KB) contains all the current and up to date prices for all the services offered by Bereavement Services.

Due to issues we are currently experiencing with wildlife damaging some of the floral features on site, we have suspended the sale and renewals of all our memorial roses at rawdon crematorium until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Transfer of grave ownership. Was Probate issued and who was entitled?

On occasion, and especially when a transfer of an exclusive right of burial has skipped a generation, the person wanting a transfer does not know if the deceased grave owner left a Will or if Letters of Administration were issued. To assist, you can use the Government Find a Will website to answer this question. The person concerned can then purchase a copy to aid the transfer.

Similarly, and when no Will was left and Letters of Administration were not issued, the lawful next of kin of the deceased grave owner need to be identified. The Who Inherits page of the Government website will help identify those who are entitled and hence enable a lawful transfer.

Buying a memorial bench

We try our best to provide memorial benches in the crematoria or cemetery of your choice. Contact the administration office at Farnley Hall on 0113 378 8196 where a member of staff will be able to guide you through the process.


All memorials are purchased on a “lease” basis. At the end of the lease period all rights will cease unless an application for renewal is made with the appropriate payment to the Bereavement Services Offices. In the event of there being no renewal application made, the memorial will be removed.

Please view our fees document (PDF 37KB) for information on available memorials and prices.

Baby Gardens

We endeavour to provide a space where people can remember their loved ones in a quiet and respectful environment. Each cemetery reflects the local needs and experiences of the area, as well as views of families, friends and others who visit them. Please view our guidance document (PDF 236KB) for further information.




Garden Form for Cemeteries where kerbs are allowed Form for Cemeteries where kerbs are allowed.pdf77557pdf
Lawn Garden Form for Cemeteries where kerbs are strictly NOT allowed Garden Form for Cemeteries where kerbs are strictly NOT allowed.pdf73909pdf
Memorial Mason details - Memorial Mason Details.pdf29862pdf
Guidance document document.pdf235479pdf
Fees schedule schedule.pdf26935pdf

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