Missed bin collections

We apologise for missing your bin collection.

Please leave your bin out for two working days (our crew work Monday to Saturday) following your missed collection, as we will try to come back and collect your bin. If we do not return during this time, please return your bin to your property and report the missed collection to us.

Please make sure you report each missed collection to us so that we have a full record

You will need to provide us with the following information:

If this is the first or second time in a row you have reported your missed bin to us, we will not contact you back on this occasion, but we will keep a record of your reports so that we can deal with repeat problems as quickly as possible.


If you have reported three or more missed collections in a row, we will have a record of this, and you will have the opportunity to ask us to contact you back as you go through the form.


Report a missed bin collection

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