Recycling opt-in scheme

In some areas of Leeds there are issues with people using green bins for general waste.

Putting general waste in the green bin can contaminate correctly recycled waste, which is costly to sort and dispose of and spoils the hard work of committed recyclers.

What is the scheme?

We write to householders in an area where there are high levels of waste contamination and ask if they want to continue to have recycling (green bin) collections. If they do, we ask that they commit to recycling properly. Those who don’t respond will have their green recycling bin removed.

What happens if I opt-in to the scheme?

Opting into the scheme means you agree to:

  • Sort, store and present your recycling correctly
  • Keep your bin within the boundaries of your property until collection day - not in the street
  • Put your bin on the kerbside before 7am on your collection day
  • Keep recyclables dry
  • Return your bin to your property as soon as possible after it has been emptied

How do I opt-in?

If you live in an opt-in area and want to receive recycling collections, please complete our online form:

Opt-in to receive recycling collections (External link)

Before your bin is delivered we can collect recycling if you leave it in a clear or green plastic sack. We will not collect recycling in black sacks.

If you don’t live in the recycling opt-in areas and require a green bin, visit our request bins page.

If you need green bags please complete our report a problem with a bin collection crew form.

Where else does the scheme operate?

We first ran the opt-in scheme in Headingley during 2014. Following the scheme's initial success we then ran it in Harehills.

Harehills residents

See the boundary for Harehills recycling opt-in (PDF 1.2MB).

Please deposit glass bottles and jars (including metal screw lids) in bottle banks at:

  • Gathorne Terrace, LS8 5EZ near bankside school
  • Harehills Labour Club, LS9 7BX on Florence Street
  • Banstead Park, LS8 5HS opposite 'Shine' on Harehills Road
  • Shepherds Lane, LS8 4LG (end of Back Vicars Road)

Headingley residents

See the boundary for Headingley recycling opt-in (PDF 1.1MB).

Residents north of Kirkstall Lane/ North Lane receive green bags for recycling, you can request these using our report a problem with a bin collection crew form.

Please deposit glass bottles and jars (including metal screw lids) in bottle banks at:

  • Outside Headingley Taps, LS6 3HN on North Lane
  • Behind Co-op next to Burley park, LS6 1LU by the railway station on Cardigan Lane
  • Canterbury Drive, LS6 3HA
  • Headingley Mount, LS6 3JX

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