Cardboard and paper recycling

What’s the problem?

A staggering 15% of your black bin waste – right now – is made up of perfectly recyclable paper and cardboard.

When you think there are close to 350,000 homes in Leeds you can see this is a large amount of unnecessary waste.

In fact, Leeds households throw away over 1700 trees worth of recyclable cardboard and paper each year! Laid end to end they would reach all the way from the centre of Leeds to York.

Only a small percentage of people say they are confused about paper and cardboard recycling, yet we still have massively high levels of unnecessary paper waste.

If Leeds recycled all the paper and cardboard it could, it would save enough energy to power all eight of its hospitals for a year. Please help us reduce this unnecessary waste.

What you can do to help

You can put lightly soiled pizza boxes, envelopes with windows, junk mail, bus and train tickets, cereal and handkerchief boxes, loo rolls, cardboard Amazon packaging and even empty cartons (Tetra Pak) into your green recycling bin.

Some people tell us paper and cardboard is produced in rooms around the house where it is harder to collect – like the bathroom for example. Recyclable items can be set aside or separated once the bin is filled.

To find out what goes in the green recycling bin and get collection day reminders download the Leeds Bin app now.​