Site Allocations Plan

3. Publication draft consultation

The Site Allocations Plan Publication Draft was subject to formal public consultation for eight weeks from 22 September until 16 November 2015. A series of Drop in sessions (PDF 39KB) were held during the consultation period.

Comments were sought on the soundness of the plan. Tests of Soundness as set out in National Planning Policy Framework ask the following:

  1. Have the plans been positively prepared? Does the plan seek to meet the local needs set out in the adopted Core Strategy for housing, employment, retail and green space?
  2. Are the plans justified? Are the allocations, designations and policies the most appropriate compared with the alternatives?
  3. Will the plans be effective? Is there information on how the plan will be delivered? Does the plan set out how and when sites will come forward?
  4. Is the plan consistent with national policy? The plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework

The proposed sites can be viewed on the interactive map:

View an interactive map of sitesExternal link

Consultation responses

Comments received during the consultation period can be viewed on the SAP Publication Draft Representations page.

Development Plan Panel reports

As a result of consultation feedback, a series of reports were produced by the Development Plan Panel:

19 January 2016 -  Initial Report of Consultation on next steps

14 June 2016 - Report on consultation outcomes and proposed changes for City Centre, East, Inner, Outer North West, Outer South and Outer West Housing Market Characteristic Areas (HMCA)

28 June 2016 -  Report on consultation outcomes and proposed changes for Aireborough, North, Outer South East and Outer South West Housing Market Characteristic Areas (HMCA)

19 July 2016 - Report on consultation outcomes and proposed changes for Outer North East Housing Market Characteristic Areas (HMCA), Gypsy and Traveller sites and General Issues

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