Site Allocations Plan - proposed main modifications consultation

Leeds City Council submitted its Leeds Site Allocations Plan (SAP) to the Secretary of State on 5 May 2017. The Leeds Site Allocations Plan is currently the subject of examination by Planning Inspectors Claire Sherratt DIP URP MRTPI and Louise Gibbons BA Hons MRTPI; this has included public hearings which took place in October 2017 and July/August 2018.

Following the public hearings, the Inspectors identified that there is a need for Main Modifications in order to ensure that the Site Allocations Plan is sound. On behalf of the Inspectors the council invited representations between 21 January and 4 March 2019 on whether these Main Modifications will rectify any issues of soundness.

The proposed main modifications consultation is now closed.

Consultation - next steps

Representations made during the consultation period will be submitted to the Planning Inspectors for their consideration. The Inspectors will take these representations into account on whether these proposed Main Modifications will rectify any issues of soundness.

The Inspectors already have copies of all previous representations made at the earlier consultation stages. The Site Allocations Plan remains at Examination by Planning Inspectors.

Consultation documents

Note: Changes to the Schedule of Main Modifications and the Sustainability Appraisal Addendum 3 were published on the 4 February 2019.

The Main Modifications relate to Submission Draft Plan (May 2017) which you can access on the Submission draft plan webpage.

Additional modifications update February 2019

This is an update to the first version of the Additional Modifications published in January 2019 - Updated Additional Modifications (PDF 7.8MB).  It is updated to reflect additional consequential changes listed within the document. These changes are for clarity purposes only and are not subject to consultation.