Site Allocations Plan

7. Examination

The examination phase involves a detailed examination of the plan by independent Inspectors. The Site Allocations Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 5 May 2017 and is now at formal examination.

Hearing sessions

Ongoing hearing sessions take place throughout the examination phase, and are an opportunity for the Inspector to clarify and/or seek additional information on any matters relating to the soundness of the Local Plan. Further rounds of public consultation are then carried out if there are any modifications to the plan following these hearing sessions.

Examination timeline



October 2017 - Stage 1 Hearing sessionsOctober 2017 - Stage 1 Hearing sessions<div class="ExternalClass0691C9B55B7F410EB5D82E5535928585"><p>Stage 1 ran from 24 to the 26 October 2017. Stage 1 discussed matters relating to employment, retail, green space and Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling show people.<br></p><p>Following Stage 1 hearings, the Inspectors agreed to postpone stage 2 hearings on housing, mixed use sites and all other matters not covered at stage 1 to allow the council to carry out work to respond to a likely lower future housing requirement, <a href="" rel="external">as set out by the Government in a consultation carried out in September 2017</a>.</p> <br></div>
March 2018 – Revised submission draft Site Allocations Plan March 2018 – Revised submission draft Site Allocations Plan <div class="ExternalClass1F3B71815B77464F9389AD33C8D77FA0"><p>A Revised Submission Draft Site Allocations Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 23 March 2018 as part of the examination.<br></p><p>The Revised Plan includes revised policies relating to housing allocations, broad locations, safeguarded land, phasing and associated explanatory text, all of which were subject to consultation between 15 January 2018 and 26 February 2018. It also includes further changes in response to comments received during this Revised Plan consultation.</p><p>All comments received on the Revised Plan consultation were submitted to the independent inspector for consideration in preparation for the stage 2 hearing sessions.</p><p>Following this, the Inspectors issued Revised Matters and Issues for the Council (and others) to respond to, a Revised Guidance Note and Agenda in advance of the Stage 2 hearings.</p><p>See the <a href="" rel="external">Programme Officer’s Examination website</a>, and the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan#coredocs">core documents and evidence base list</a> for more information. </p> <br> </div>
July 2018 - Stage 2 Hearing sessionJuly 2018 - Stage 2 Hearing session<div class="ExternalClassF42A46849AFB45D1A1F217D7F804D332"><p>Stage 2 commenced at 1pm on 9 July 2018. Stage 2 discussed housing and mixed use sites, including the release of Green Belt land and all outstanding matters from Stage 1.</p><p>During these hearing sessions, the Inspectors agreed that further sustainability appraisal work should be undertaken on identified (HG1) sites where homes had not yet been completed or started. </p><p>A note was submitted to the hearing <a href="" rel="pdf">EX44-Identified (HG1) Sites and Intended Further Work in relation to Sustainability Appraisal (PDF 102KB)<span class="sr-only"> External link</span></a>, which set out the scope of this work. </p><p>The assessment work of HG1 sites <a href="/SiteAllocationMaps/Sustainability%20Appraisal%20Addendum%20–%20Identified%20Sites.pdf" rel="pdf">Sustainability Appraisal Addendum – Identified HG1 sites (PDF 904KB)<span class="sr-only"> External link</span></a> , was available for comment between 14 August until 11 September 2018.</p><p>All the comments received during this period are being duly considered and will be submitted to the appointed inspectors.</p></div>
December 2018 - UpdateDecember 2018 - Update<div class="ExternalClass036E778236A9422CADC5D9F1C1F4C7EC"><p>The site allocations plan inspectors have stated that it is not usually necessary to publish any draft versions of a schedule of Main Modifications until the Inspectors are satisfied the schedule represents only those that the Inspectors consider to be necessary for soundness. The additional work carried out by the Council to support the Council’s own conclusions about which Green Belt sites to delete and which to retain is not yet on the examination website. The Inspectors consider it should be, together with the list of sites, to ensure openness and transparency. Indeed, it would probably be necessary for it to be available to enable the Inspectors to comment on the chosen and deleted sites publically, if necessary. The Inspectors do not envisage inviting any comments on it prior to any consultation of the Main Modifications.</p><p>We have published the list of <a href="/SiteAllocationMaps/Site%20deletions%20to%20Initial%20Draft%20Submission%20SAP%202017.pdf" rel="PDF">proposed sites to be deleted from the 2017 draft submission plan</a> (PDF 150KB).</p><p>We have also published an additional update to Site allocations, which is our <a href="" rel="external">response to the inspectors actions (EX75)</a>.</p><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/SiteAllocationMaps/LCC%20SAP%20-%20Sustainability%20Appraisal%20Addendum,%20Nov%202018.pdf"><span class="info">Sustainability Appraisal Addendum, Nov 2018</span><span class="thirdInfo">(PDF, 2MB)</span></a></li><li class="pdf"> <a href="/SiteAllocationMaps/LCC%20SAP%20-%20Sustainability%20Appraisal%20Addendum,%20Nov%202018%20Tables%20update.pdf"><span class="info">Sustainability Appraisal Addendum update, Nov 2018 Tables </span> <span class="thirdInfo">(PDF, 120KB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div></div>

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