Site Allocations Plan

1. Overview

The Site Allocations Plan (SAP) is a key document in the Local Plan for Leeds. The SAP identifies sites for housing, employment, retail and greenspace to ensure that enough land is available in appropriate locations to meet the growth targets set out in the Core Strategy.

This includes, as appropriate, any onsite requirements developers will be expected to provide, for example greenspace and local infrastructure (roads, schools, and flood storage). It also sets out which sites will come forward at what stage (known as phasing).

The SAP has been through various stages in its preparation:



Issues and Options - June to July 2013Issues and Options - June to July 2013<div class="ExternalClassB2BAC291832E4B9BA6C3F5FB84B4D453"><p>Public consultation on all of the issues and options for the SAP took place from June to July 2013. Over 7,000 comments in objection or support for sites were received during this time. </p><p>See the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/issues-and-options">Issues and options page</a> to view the consultation documents, comments received and the consultation report. </p> <br> </div>
SAP Publication Draft Consultation - September to November 2015SAP Publication Draft Consultation - September to November 2015<div class="ExternalClass5716DFECFDE6494E98D994F6FEC12287"><p>The SAP Publication Draft was subject to formal public consultation for eight weeks from September until 16 November 2015. </p><p>See the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/publication-draft">Publication Draft Plan page</a> for the draft plan, background documents and proposed sites, responses from the consultation and Development Plan Panel reports.<br></p> <br> </div>
Outer North East revised Publication Draft consultation - September to November 2016Outer North East revised Publication Draft consultation - September to November 2016<div class="ExternalClassE59D1D88EF5F4103A3449734B4F76952"><p>Following the withdrawal of a new settlement proposal at <a href="/SiteAllocationMaps/SAP%20and%20AVL%20Documents/Headley%20doc%20web.pdf">site MX2-33 Headley Hall</a> by the landowner in September 2015, the council consulted on the revised proposals for the Outer North East Housing Market Characteristic Area (HMCA) between 26th September till 7th November 2016. This consultation was to bring this part of the plan in line with rest of the SAP.</p><p>View the consultation and background documents on the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/outer-north-east-revised-publication-draft">Revised Publication Draft - Outer North East</a> page.<br></p> <br> </div>
Pre-submission changes advertisement - February to March 2017Pre-submission changes advertisement - February to March 2017<div class="ExternalClass5FCE5E75C7A548699F28A826709C4FA0"><p>As a result of the public consultations on the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/publication-draft">Publication draft plan</a> and <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/outer-north-east-revised-publication-draft">Outer North East revised draft plan</a>, a number of changes were proposed in order to address matters of soundness before the SAP was submitted to the secretary of state – these are the pre-submission changes. </p><p>The pre-Submission changes were advertised and comments sought from February to March 2017. Find out more and view relevant documents on the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/pre-submission-changes">pre-submission changes</a> page.<br></p> <br> </div>
Submission Draft Plan - May 2017Submission Draft Plan - May 2017<div class="ExternalClass10D558E24F8F4382AABE90D5B3559F99"><p>The initial Submission Draft Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State by the council on 5th May 2017. The Submission Draft Plan includes pre-submission changes made in response to the representations received on the publication of the Plan. The Plan also includes further minor changes, none of which alter the meaning of the Plan.</p><p>The Secretary of State appointed Independent Inspectors to examine the Plan for soundness under section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. </p><p>As the Examination progresses the Inspector may identify Main Modifications as necessary to make the Plan sound – any modifications will be subject to consultation. </p><p>Find out more and see the relevant submission draft plan documents on the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/submission-draft-plan">submission draft plan page</a>.</p> <br> </div>
Revised Submission Draft Plan - March 2018Revised Submission Draft Plan - March 2018<div class="ExternalClassE848E3B3F26D496D8CCE5223C7D78CD5"><p>The council submitted a Revised Submission Draft SAP (the "Revised Plan") to the Secretary of State on 23 March 2018 as part of the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/examination">ongoing independent examination</a>.<br></p><p>The Revised Plan includes revised policies relating to:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>housing allocations</li><li>broad locations</li><li>safeguarded land<br></li><li>phasing and associated explanatory text</li></ul><p>All of these were <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/examination">subject to consultation between 15th January 2018 and 26th February 2018</a>.</p> <br> </div>
Examination of the Plan - October 2017 to presentExamination of the Plan - October 2017 to present<div class="ExternalClass4AB58147909F404EB6529B3F0B491EE4"><p>See the <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/examination">Examination page</a> for details including:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>information on the Inspectors and Programmer Officer</li><li>updates on the examination phase, including the revised submission draft plan</li></ul><p>After the hearing sessions, the Inspector may suggest further modifications. If so, these will need to be consulted on for a minimum of 6 weeks.</p><p>We are currently awaiting the Inspector’s Report.</p> <br> </div>
Proposed main modifications consultation - January to March 2019Proposed main modifications consultation - January to March 2019<div class="ExternalClass5A39A40C8BFB4AB6AD7F384B7531BA6D"><p>The Inspectors of the Leeds Site Allocations Plan identified that there is a need for Main Modifications in order to ensure that the Plan is sound. On behalf of the inspectors, the council carried out a consultation on whether these Main Modifications will rectify any issues of soundness. </p><p>This consultation ended at 5pm Monday 4 March.<br></p><p> <a href="/planning/planning-policy/emerging-local-plan/site-allocations-plan/proposed-main-modifications-consultation">FInd out more about the proposed main modifications consultation and see the consultation documents</a>.</p> <br></div>
Plan Adoption - Summer 2019Plan Adoption - Summer 2019<div class="ExternalClass5E995111A8174426A6AE9FE67FF49BCB"><p>The Site Allocations Plan is expected to be adopted in Summer 2019. Updates will be published here.<br></p></div>


SAP is a key part of the Local Plan. The core documents and evidence base lists are a list of documents relevant in preparing the Local Plan.

Core documents list

View the Core documents list (PDF 112KB)

Evidence base list

View the Evidence base list (PDF 118KB)

The document list will be updated throughout the examination process and remain online as the Plan progresses through examination.

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