Self management support

This page provides information on self-management support in Leeds for older people and people living with long term conditions who are clinically at high risk of Covid-19.

Older people and people with long-term health conditions are at an increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19. Therefore, it is vital that they are able to access support and information to help them manage their own health and care.

Information on online resources, virtual groups as well as digital support available in Leeds are listed below. This webpage will be continually updated (as and when information becomes available).


Facebook cancer support

The service is available for everyone affected by cancer: patients, those supporting them and their families   

Visit Leeds Cancer Support Facebook page   

Cancer Support Helpline

A dedicated Cancer Support Helpline has been set up for patients and or carers to contact if they are worried or have any questions about COVID-19 following receipt of a letter from the hospital about changes to their appointment or treatment.   

The helpline 0800 923 0014 will be operated by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in partnership with Maggie's Yorkshire; and will offer a 7 day a week (including bank holidays) telephone support service 9am to 5pm.   

This will enable timely and appropriate response to incoming calls and enquiries from patients and their carers. The service is for anyone being treated at Leeds Teaching Hospitals for cancer.   

The helpline will be staffed by the clinical team from the Maggie's centre who are experienced Clinical Nurse Specialists, working alongside the Corporate Cancer Team.   

Cardiovascular Disease

Leeds Community Healthcare - Cardiac service

Provides specialist care, education and support for adult patients who are registered with a Leeds GP and have heart conditions.   

To access the service:   

Phone: 0113 843 4200   


Web: Visit LCH Cardiac Service   

Leeds Heart Watch Members Support Group (HWMSG)

Helps people recovering from a cardiac event or surgery to start and maintain activity levels.   

To access the service, contact the Chair of the HWMSG Committee on 0113 278 8042.   

Heart Failure: Information and Practical Tips

Information and advice for heart failure patients and Covid-19.   

Visit Heart Failure Matters: COVID-19 Virus and Heart Failure Information and Practical Tips   

British Heart Foundation

General information for people affected by heart and circulatory diseases.   

Signpost your patients to the BHF Coronavirus and your health website or to the heart helpline on 0300 330 3322 or   


Leeds Diabetes Group

The group aims to provide support, help, companionship, education and information for people and their families living with all types of diabetes.   

Visit the Leeds Diabetes Group Facebook page   

My Diabetes Booklet

Information and resource booklet for people living with diabetes in Leeds.   

Visit Leeds CCG Diabetes page to download the 'My diabetes' booklet   

Diabetes and COVID-19

Coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms and complications in people with diabetes. If patients become unwell or have a high fever, they should be asked to follow Diabetes UK's guidance on managing diabetes when you're ill.   

Visit Diabetes UK Coronavirus and Diabetes news section for updates   

Diabetes Leeds

Diabetes Leeds (part of the NHS) continues to provide care. Appointments will be carried out over the phone or virtually with high risk patients. Clinic appointments are available as appropriate. The most vulnerable patients being Diabetes Leeds' priority. The services below are part of Diabetes Leeds.   

Diabetes Care Line   

The Diabetes Care Line is a direct telephone line available to Diabetes Leeds patients who have a question or concern about the management of their Type 1 Diabetes. It is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am and 4pm.   

A dedicated member of the admin team will take the patient's details and a summary of the reason why they are calling. They will then liaise with a Diabetes Nurse or Consultant to ensure the patient gets an answer or follow up. The phone number is 0113 206 5068.   

Alternatively, patients can email the service for appointment or other non-urgent queries. The email address is   

Community Diabetes Service   

Leeds Community Healthcare’s Community Diabetes Service are accepting referrals. This service will accept referrals for people who have a HbA1c over 70 and are on triple therapy (three diabetes medications) or, if there are significant concerns relating to glycaemic (sugar) control. This service is experiencing high demand.   

Patients registered with the Community Diabetes Service can contact them by:   


Phone: 0113 843 4200   

Visit the LCH Diabetes website   

LEEDS Programme   

The LEEDS programme is a structured education programme for people with type 2 diabetes. This is run by Leeds Community Healthcare. Referrals for the LEEDS programme are being accepted. The programme is being delivered virtually, in groups and this will continue. There are plans to deliver some class sessions later in the year.   

Visit the LTHT Diabetes Centre or phone 0113 206 5066.   

Podiatry Service   

The Community Podiatry Service is still seeing people. Appointments are either face-to-face or via phone.   

The service is prioritising people with open wounds and infection and those who have poor circulation and numbness. The service is contacting people, so they can be seen again. Patients can contact the service if they need support.   

Visit LCH Podiatry Service   

For specific queries, patients can contact the Admin Team:
Phone: 0113 843 0730

To learn more about foot care visit NHS Leeds CCG Diabetes   

Watch the NHS Leeds CCG video on diabetes footcare   

All people with diabetes who have an urgent problem like an infection, weeping or ulceration can call theHot Foot Phone on 07786 250 788.   

Health professionals can call or refer urgent foot problems to the Diabetes Limb Salvage Service at St James Hospital via email referral.   


Leeds Breathe Easy Groups

These groups provide peer support and information for people living with a lung condition, and for those who look after them. These groups are currently meeting virtually.   

The following groups are now running virtual meetings:   

West Leeds

Phone: 07957 570550   

Email: or   

East Leeds - Seacroft

Phone: 07786 778830 or 0113 2868193   


MyCOPD app in Leeds

App that helps people with COPD to better manage their condition. It can be used to support inhaler technique, improve breathing, reduce exacerbation, track medication and more.   

See Digital Support section.   

British Lung Foundation - Coronavirus advice

Find information about coronavirus and useful links when living with a lung condition.   

Visit BLF Coronavirus and COVID-19 page   

Asthma UK - coronavirus advice for people with asthma

Health advice for people with asthma.   

Visit Asthma UK's Coronavirus (COVID-19) page   

Stroke & Neurological Conditions

BME Dementia Service

Touchstone's BME dementia service is still open and providing much needed support to people with dementia and their families.   

Phone: 0113 291 2727   


Visit Touchstone's BME Dementia Service   

Stroke Association - Coronavirus advice

Information and advice on coronavirus for people affected by stroke.   

Visit Stroke Association for information on coronavirus and stroke   

Phone: 0303 3033 100   

My Stroke Guide

Support and advice for those affected by stoke, can link to others through online community and help with advice, information, videos and support.   

Visit My Stroke Guide   

Parkinson's UK - Coronavirus advice

Provides information and support to understand Parkinson's and Coronavirus   

Visit Parkinson's UK's for information on understanding coronavirus and Parkinson's   

Parkinson's UK Forum

Online forum is a space for you to chat to people who know what you're going through. Whether you have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson's, are a carer or have been living with the condition for longer, the forum is a place for you chat about the things that are important to you and sometimes share a virtual cup of tea.   

Visit the Parkinson's UK forum   

Older people

Neighbourhood Network Schemes

Neighbourhood Network Schemes are community based, locally led organisations that enable older people to live independently and pro-actively participate within their own communities by providing services that reduce social isolation.   

View the contact details for Neighbourhood Network Schemes in Leeds   

Age UK Leeds Support

Age UK Leeds are an independent local charity working in the community for over 40 years to support older people, their families, and carers. They want everyone to be able to love later life.   

What they do:   

  • give advice
  • get people home from hospital
  • befriending programmes
  • provide activities

Phone: 0113 389 3000   


Visit the Age UK Leeds website   

Physical activity for older adults

Keeping physically active is good for our bodies and minds and if you are active your body can fight infection and illness better. This is why we should all aim to move more regularly and do exercises to keep strong, healthy and balanced.   

No matter your age or physical condition you are likely to benefit from being more active. There are plenty of activities available across Leeds for older people. If you have a health or mobility problem, the Health Programmes team is the place to start.   

Phone: 0113 3783680   


Visit Active Leeds   

SWIFt Service

Supporting Wellbeing and Independence for Frailty (SWIFt) Project is aimed at older people living with frailty or who have complex medical needs and are a high risk of being socially isolated.   

If you or someone you know would like to get connected, please contact Age UK Leeds and ask for the SWIFt service contact.   

Phone: 0113 389 3001   

Visit the Age UK Leeds website to find out more   

Home Plus Leeds

A partnership between Care & Repair Leeds, Groundwork NEWY and Age UK Leeds, deliver the Home Plus service to help people live safely and independently in their own homes by addressing risks to health such as falls and lack of adequate heating.   

Phone: 0113 240 6009   


Visit the Care and Repair website.   

Other Long Term Conditions

Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK - Coronavirus advice for people living with kidney related conditions.   

Visit Kidney Care UK for coronavirus guidance for patients with kidney disease   

Sickle Cell Society

Advice from the Sickle Cell Society on Coronavirus and Sickle Cell Disorder.   

Visit Sickle Cell Society for information on coronavirus and Sickle Cell Disorder   

Terrence Higgins Trust

Advice on Coronavirus and HIV.   

Visit the Terence Higgins Trust for guidance for people living with HIV   

British Liver Trust

For people with a liver condition, or you've had a liver transplant, the British Liver Trust provides advice related to coronavirus.   

Visit the British Liver Trust for coronavirus health advice for people with liver disease and liver transplant patients   

Digital support

Digital Champions training

If your organisation, staff, or volunteers support service users with no/low digital skills this training will enable you to promote the benefits of being online to your members and support with adapting your services in the face of COVID.   

The team is able to offer telephone and video conferencing support to help you identify the best platforms to use, make the best use of the tools available, and support you to help your service users stay connected.   

This training is being delivered by the 100% Digital Leeds team in Leeds City Council.   

Email for further information.   

MyCOPD app

An app that helps people with COPD to better manage their condition. It can be used to support inhaler technique, improve breathing, reduce exacerbation, track medication and more.   

GP practices in your area can find out more about access to myCOPD with e-training on offer to provide this free app for patients across Leeds; enabling them to access pulmonary rehab at home and self-manage their conditions.   

Email for further information.   

#Digital121 – Leeds Libraries

Whether you have a digital question or need a bit more support to get online, our friendly #Digital121 librarians can help.   

Talk to us about:   

  • Building your skills
  • Accessing the internet
  • Keeping in touch
  • Saving money
  • Staying safe online
  • Accessing health information
  • and much more…

Phone 0113 378 5005 or email   

Niche Academy

Leeds Libraries Niche Academy is a collection of video and step-by-step tutorials designed to support self-learning. You will find guides to improve self-management of your health such as how to use myCOPD, the NHS website, how to download the NHS app and how to use accuRx to attend virtual appointments.   

There are also guides on how to access library resources online, how to use social media, Microsoft Office, and more.   

NHS App Library

There are a number of apps available for free on the NHS apps library to support people to self-manage their condition.   

Visit the NHS Apps Library   

Covid-19 support

The COVID-19 Line has been set up in response to the current pandemic. It can be used by people who need either food or wider support, including those who are self-isolating and do not have friends or family nearby who can help.   

Helpline: 0113 378 1877   

Support can include help with shopping, transport to medical appointments, or a phone call to check how people are.   

Social Prescribing

Linking Leeds is the integrated citywide social prescribing service for people in Leeds who are aged 16 and over. Their aim is to connect people to services and activities in their community in order to benefit overall health and wellbeing. They are still open for referrals and are supporting clients with a range of social, emotional and low level mental health needs during this time.   

A referral can be made via phone or online:   

Phone: 0113 336 7612   

Visit the Linking Leeds site to make a referral   

Health and Wellbeing Support in your Community

The Project Development Team work is part of Leeds City Council and Linking Leeds. We work directly with local residents to establish new groups/activities/projects in your community, to help improve the health and wellbeing of local people.   

We talk to local people to identify and understand any gaps in the local area in terms of support, and have worked with communities across the city to develop a wide range of virtual and face-to-face groups and activities to address those gaps.   

We also have a tablet lending scheme where residents who currently have no means of accessing the internet, can borrow an internet-ready tablet for a minimum of three months, and use it to access online support groups, health and wellbeing information, vocational or educational courses and more.   

Please email if you would like:   

  • to talk to us about setting up a new group, activity or project in your community
  • information on the health and wellbeing groups we offer
  • to volunteer and help run our community groups
  • more information on our tablet lending scheme.

Leeds Directory

A resource that can support people to live well by connecting them to checked and vetted local services and tradespeople as well as local activities and events..   

Visit Leeds Directory or call the team on 0113 378 4610 (weekdays 9am to 5pm).   

Reading Well Books on Prescription

This resource helps people manage their wellbeing using self-help reading. The scheme is endorsed by health professionals and supported by public libraries.   

It provides information and resources for people who have been recommended self-help books by their GP, psychological wellbeing practitioner or another health professional.   

Reading Well Books on Prescription list from the Reading Agency   

You can find books on prescription and many more health-related books for people of all ages from your local library, and through the library’s e-audio and e-book service BorrowBox.   

Peer Support

Leeds Peer Support Network

Leeds Peer Support Network (LPSN) is a cross-sector initiative and the core working group includes peer supporters from Leeds MIND, Women's Lives Leeds, Leeds City Council and the Leeds NHS Community Mental Health team. You can contact them for advice or signposting if you are delivering peer support during COVID-19.   

Visit Leeds Peers Support Network - Peer Support for Peer Supporters   

Follow Leeds Peer Support Network on Twitter   

Join Leeds Peer Support Network Facebook group   

Mental Health

Leeds Mind (online support)

Phone support is available for clients. They are also delivering support using virtual platforms such as Zoom and Teams to make their service even more responsive.   

Phone: 0113 503 5800   



Mindwell has created a hub of resources, videos and information to help people in Leeds take care of their mental health.   

Visit MindWell's Coronavirus mental health information hub   

Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service (LSLCS)

Dial House

This service provides place of sanctuary and emotional support and information.   

Dial House is offering telephone and video based support (using Zoom) with no visitors allowed in Dial House at the moment due to the threat of spreading COVID-19.   

Dial House is open for telephone and Skype/Zoom crisis support only.   

The service is available from Friday to Monday and Wednesday, 6pm to 2am.   

Phone: 0808 800 1212   

Dial House @ Touchstone

Dial House @ Touchstone is open for telephone crisis support only, to people from BAME groups.   

The service is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6pm to midnight.   

Phone: 0113 249 4675   

Text: 07763 581 853   

Any Dial House / Dial House @ Touchstone visitors who feel they will be really affected by not having access to face-to-face support can email A manager will contact the emailer to talk about alternative ways they can support them through this period of public health crisis.   

Connect Helpline

The service provides emotional support and information for people in distress.   

Open as normal, every night 6pm to 2am, but is experiencing high demand so a call back cannot be guaranteed every night. Please be patient, they will always do their best to get back to you.   

To access the Connect service call 0808 800 1212.   

Teen Connect

A helpline for 13 to 18 year-olds living in the Leeds area. They can offer up to an hour of support either by phone or online chat. You can have up to an hour with one of their trained staff each night to talk about what you're going through.   

Open as normal, Monday to Friday, from 3:30pm to 2am; Saturday and Sunday, from 6pm to 2am.

Phone 0808 800 1212 or text 0771 5661559.   

Well-bean Hope in a Crisis Café

The Well-bean Hope In a Crisis Café is open seven nights a week from 6pm to midnight. The service is currently operating all one-to-one support over the phone and face-to-face support via Zoom.   

The Crisis Café staff will assess your needs at the point of referral to the Touchstone Loves Food Project if you are unable to access food.   

Professionals who wish to make a referral can phone 07760 173505. Self-referrals can be made by phoning 07760 173476.   

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

Provides support and psychological therapies for common mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, for adults in Leeds.   

Visit the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service   

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service delivers Omnitherapy online video courses, with sessions that deal with a wide range of feelings and symptoms.   

Live Well Leeds

This community-based mental health service has been trialling lots of different ways of working including developing a virtual art room and a virtual café.   

Visit Live Well Leeds   

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Prevention

This website contains information and resources created by partner organisations including voluntary, NHS, and public health, who are all working to reduce deaths by suicide in West Yorkshire.   

Visit the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Suicide Prevention website   

Public Health England: Every Mind Matters

Public Health England (PHE) have launched a campaign to support people to manage their mental wellbeing during this difficult time, using Every Mind Matters self-care resources.   

Visit PHE's Campaign Resource Centre for Every Mind Matters resources   

Visit One You: Every Mind Matters    

Physical Activity

We Are Undefeatable

For those managing a long term condition, We Are Undefeatable offers inspiration and ideas to help people get active by finding what works for them.   

Visit We Are Undefeatable   

Active Leeds

For exercise suggestions and tips from a local provider with qualified exercise professionals visit the Active Leeds YouTube Channel. Alternatively visit Move More from One You Leeds or download the Active 10 or Couch to 5K app.   

One You Leeds

Free local healthy living service designed to support Leeds residents to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Community classes have now been postponed.   

Visit One You Leeds   

Sport England

Sport England's new campaign Join the Movement has its own online hub, giving free access to a range of home workout options, as well as free tips and advice from organisations such as the NHS.   

Visit Sport England for the Join the Movement campaign   

Find what works for you, stay connected and share your workout with friends and family using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut on social media.