Harehills Road Safety and Improvement Scheme

We’re currently undertaking road improvement work along Harehills Road. The improvements are designed to reduce the number of accidents and improve access for pedestrians who wish to use the various amenities and businesses along Harehills Road.

Progress to date

  • the changes to the junctions, including one way entries and exits and some closures to side road is around 60% complete
  • the site is moving southwards towards the junction with Stanley Road. It will then move to the opposite side of the road northwards towards the park

Issues raised

A number of issues have been raised since our original consultations. These include:

  • requests for a closure on Ashton Grove - the results of a further consultation about the potential for such a closure are being sent to residents
  • concerns around the potential for additional traffic being diverted onto Conway Street - this is being looked at again and any more work in this location has been delayed until this issue has been resolved

We are also looking at opportunities to improve the general appearance of Harehills Road, primarily through planting areas. We are trying to get some extra funding which would give more opportunities to create a better street environment.

View the plans

The associated plan (PDF 896KB) shows the designs and details changes to the direction of traffic on each street off Harehills Road.

Scheme design

The main part of the scheme is the construction of a central reserve along Harehills Road. This has two purposes:

  • to prevent traffic turning right out of the side roads or crossing Harehills Road, which is causing the majority of accidents
  • to make it easier for pedestrians, especially children and the elderly, to cross Harehills Road and access the shops, park and community buildings along it

To help with this design most of the side streets will be made one way into or out of the street. These one way entry and exit points will simplify the street layout and reduce the many different traffic movements onto Harehills Road. This makes it easier for drivers to use, and makes it easier for pedestrians to understand what cars will be doing.

Six new Zebra crossings will be built, providing more places for pedestrians to cross. Traffic lights at the junction with Bayswater Road will be added and will include pedestrian crossings.

Accident history on Harehills Road

Over the last five years there have been 58 recorded accidents resulting in injury on Harehills Road. This makes it the primary Length for Concern in Leeds. Lengths for Concern are assessed each year and projects are developed to reduce the number of accidents wherever possible.

Of these 58 accidents, 26 involved vehicles emerging from side roads into the path of traffic on the main road. In some cases this was because visibility was reduced by parked vehicles. In other cases the drivers did not stop at the give way lines. There were also 15 pedestrian accidents along the road. A number of the people injured were children.




Harehills Road Proposed Layouthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Harehills Road Proposed Layout.pdf1164933pdf

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