Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme

The Yorkshire Common Permit Scheme is in place to minimise the inconvenience and disruption caused by roadworks. More information is available from the Permit Scheme Order document (PDF 4MB) External link or from the Leeds City Council Permit Scheme evaluation report 2015 to 2018 (PDF 1.1MB), External link which is produced every three years.

Certain streets have been designated as permit streets. On one of these streets anyone intending to carry out work must apply for a permit and state how they will minimise disruption.

This includes works by utility companies and works carried out by Leeds City Council and its partners. It does not include activities such as builders’ skips and scaffolding where the existing arrangements will be maintained.

Permit Register

You can view a register of all current permits and notices at www.leeds.gov.uk/streetworksExternal link

Permit fees

The current permit fees are available in the YCPS supplementary information document (PDF 627KB) External link

Conditions and Statutory Requirements for Immediate Activities

The following condition applies to immediate activities in the period between starting work on site and receiving a permit:

  • portable traffic signals will be controlled manually during traffic sensitive times as stated on the local street gazetteer
  • it is a requirement of the scheme that the activity promoter shall apply for a permit within 2 hours of starting or by 10am the next working day

Early notification streets

Some streets have been designated as requiring early notification as they are most susceptible to unplanned disruption. Not all category 0-2 and traffic sensitive streets have been designated. The designated streets have been indicated with an ASD record in the NSG which includes the contact telephone number(s).

It is a requirement of the scheme that promoters carrying out immediate activities on streets designated as requiring early notification are required to contact the Permit Authority, by telephone, immediately, notwithstanding the duty to submit a permit application within two hours.

How to apply

For advice on the permit scheme or to discuss any immediate activity you may be starting please phone us on 0113 378 7009 or email swpermits@leeds.gov.uk



Leeds Scheme supplementary informationhttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Leeds Scheme Supplementary Information Final.pdf641950pdf
Leeds City Council Permit Scheme order 2015 https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Leeds City Council Permit Scheme 2015.pdf4038600pdf
YCPS evaluation reporthttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/YCPS evaluation report.pdf1143143pdf

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