Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme: Phase Two

2. Local area works

Find out about the flood alleviation work we have completed so far, and future plans for works to reduce flood risk at a local area scale.

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Long term plans

A further programme of natural flood management works will be introduced over the next 30 years to maintain the level of protection against the effects of climate change. This includes the construction of raised defences along the river such as landscaping, terracing, embankments and walls.

Proposed future works would affect the following locations:

  • Calverley - proposals include sites to store flood water when water levels are high, which may include a site upstream in Calverley
  • Armley Mills – the long-term objective of improving the flow of water through Leeds may include the removal of unused bridges at Armley Mills, raising Milford Place footbridge, and widening the river channel next to the A65
  • Craven and Pendle – there are plans to improve riverbank protection along the catchment in Craven and Pendle as well as increasing woodland areas and installing debris dams

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