Bus and Park and Ride

Bus corridors

Following our transport conversation in 2016, during which over 78% of respondents agreed that improvements to public transport were needed, we are proposing improvements to bus services along five key routes into the city centre.

Wakefield to Leeds (A61S)

One of the main routes into the city centre from south Leeds, Wakefield and beyond, the A639/A61S includes proposals to improve bus journey times from Wakefield to Leeds, via Hunslet, Stourton and Robin Hood.       

Outline plans were approved by our Executive Board in July 2018 with a construction partner being brought onto the scheme in February 2019. Work started in October 2019 and is scheduled to be complete by August 2021.       

The plans aim to allow buses to bypass general traffic through the implementation of bus lanes.       

Segregated cycle lanes and enhanced pedestrian facilities and crossings will also be included in the improvement works.       

In addition, as part of the route we also are going to deliver a dedicated 1,200 space Park and Ride site in Stourton.       

The main site office is located at Bridgewater Road with a satellite compound at the junction of Wakefield Road and Pontefract Road. Buses will continue to operate during construction, and Metro will publicise any changes to bus routes or locations of temporary stops in advance.       

Sign up for A61S scheme updates External link.       

Works to date have included:       

  • 6000 feet of earthworks to make space for a new roundabout at Thwaite Gate
  • 12 metre concrete drainage to drain the new roundabout at Thwaite Gate
  • new kerbs within the central reservation to realign the road at Butterley Street
  • creation of a new u-turn facility on Hunslet Road, near South Accommodation Road
  • utility diversions
  • installation of traffic signals into temporary/moveable concrete blocks to facilitate construction
  • removal of contaminated material across site (which has been recycled instead of going into landfill)
  • re-alignment of central reservation in preparation for future landscaped areas

Upcoming works include surfacing works at the opening of the new roundabout at Thwaite Gate, traffic switch on the inner section at Crown Point Road and installation of new traffic signals.       

Alwoodley to Leeds (A61N)

Holt Lane, Adel (A660)

Construction will take place Monday to Friday, with temporary traffic signals at the junction of Holt Lane and the A660.       

The hours of work will be 7:30am to 3:30pm, with works to the carriageway starting at 9:30am to reduce traffic disruption.       

Delays will be possible until Spring 2020.       

Bradford to Leeds (A647)

The A647 corridor highways infrastructure enhancements which have been delivered as part of the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme to primarily improve public transport movements during peak travel periods in both directions between Leeds and Bradford are now complete.       

After consulting on public transport, cycling and walking improvement plans along the route in 2018, Leeds City Council appointed BAM Nuttall to undertake further design, consultation and construction of the scheme. Responses to the second round of consultation were mainly positive, with respondents recognising the benefits of improving bus journeys, tackling congestion, and improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. Construction works then commenced in October 2020.       

The measures include new peak time bus/cycle/taxi lanes along Bradford Road, the conversion of the previous high occupancy vehicle lane (2+) to a bus/cycle/taxi lane on Stanningley Road and a new outbound bus/cycle/taxi lane within a widened carriageway on the approach to the Ledgard way junction.       

Improvements at the Ledgard way junction, also known as Mikes Carpets, have been a major intervention to allow more vehicles to pass through the junction and with safer facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. Several vehicles turning movements have been banned to offer more opportunity of green time for the A647 traffic movements, thus making the junction more efficient. In addition, smart technology has been included in the traffic signal operation which not only links the signals from the nearby junctions but is also capable of adjusting to traffic flows to ensure an optimum operation is achieved.       

Cycle infrastructure in the area has been improved by adding links to the existing cycle superhighway over junctions to make cycle routes safer and more accessible. Pedestrians have additional walking routes and safer crossings along the route.       

The key objective of the scheme is to reduce bus journey times between Leeds and Bradford by 7-8 minutes on average during peak periods. Though this will be formally monitored over the coming months, early feedback indicates significant improvements on bus journey times and reliability for the high frequency services.       

Find out more about our plans for the A647 External link

Oakwood and Roundhay to Leeds (A58)

Park and ride

Travelling using Park and Ride is an important element of our plans for Connecting Leeds – it helps to reduce congestion and improve the city’s air quality through decreasing the number of cars entering the city centre.

Elland Road and Temple Green Park and Ride facilities have been hugely successful, with over 2 million journeys made so far. Each week, Park and Ride removes 9,000 cars from city centre roads. The current Park and Ride fleet at Elland Road and Temple Green have been updated to ultra-low emission buses.

With the success of the current sites, Connecting Leeds, alongside the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, have plans to expand the Elland Road site and add new Park and Rides in the south, west and the north of Leeds. Find out more below on our proposed developments.

Find out more about Park and Ride sites in Leeds, facilities and prices at the WY Metro website.

Temple Green Park and Ride

Temple Green Park and Ride is ideal for trips in from the north and east of Leeds.       

In March 2022 391 additional car park spaces and 6 electric charging ports were added to the site. The additional spaces have the ability to remove an additional 3,308 tonnes of carbon emissions from Leeds.       

To accommodate the potential additional traffic volumes, Connecting Leeds have also increased capacity at the Bellwood roundabout by providing an additional lane on the A63 outbound arm.        

Find out more about Temple Green park and ride.       

Alwoodley Park and Ride

Traffic flows show that over 25 per cent of commuters along Harrogate Road are travelling to the city centre with limited alternative travel options. Our analysis shows that there is high demand for a Park and Ride facility here, especially for commuters from countryside areas on the edge of north Leeds. This would better connect these often rural areas to the city, giving more options for travel and expanding city centre employment options further afield.       

Connecting Leeds are consulting with local residents, commuters from north Leeds and various stakeholders on proposals for a Park and Ride facility at Alwoodley Gates, opposite The Grammar School at Leeds. This would be smaller than the main sites in Leeds and would aim to reduce congestion into the city centre along Harrogate Road (A61).      

Find out more about the Alwoodley Gates Park and Ride plans.       

Stourton Park and Ride

The UK's first solar powered park and ride opened September 2021.      

Stourton park and ride boasts 45 solar panels that cover the size of 18 tennis courts and generate the capacity to power the entire site’s electrical needs via an innovative battery storage system.      

Other features of the park and ride site include 26 fast electric vehicle (EV) charging ports and 4 rapid chargers totalling 30 EV charging spaces, secure bicycle storage and 1,200 vehicle spaces. These include dedicated disabled, family and motorcycle bays and a Changing Places facility.       

Find out more information about Stourton Park and Ride on the WY Metro website.       

Elland Road Park and Ride

Park and ride is a key part of our Connecting Leeds transport strategy for the city by reducing vehicle congestion and improve local air quality.      

Elland Road park and ride was expanded in 2020 by an additional 550 park and ride spaces and has capacity for 1,358 vehicles. If every space was used, this would be equivalent to 277,000 car journeys away from the city centre each year and remove approximately 5,000 tonnes of carbon.      

Perfect for commuters from the south and west of Leeds.

Find out more about Elland Road park and ride.       

New buses

Bus companies in Leeds will provide around 300 new and environmentally clean buses. One thousand new bus stops with real-time information are also planned.

Many buses now include:

  • audio or visual next stop announcements
  • free Wi-Fi
  • improved seating
  • USB and wireless charging
  • contactless payments and ticketless smartphone options

Transport Hubs

As part of Connecting Leeds’ plans, we are working alongside West Yorkshire Combined Authority to deliver Transport Hubs across Leeds. This will create new or upgrade existing facilities to improve the waiting experience and the travel information offered at certain locations. The transport hubs which are currently being developed are:

  • Bramley bus interchange
  • Compton Road, Harehills, bus stop improvements
  • Middleton Circus bus interchange

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