Savile investigation

In March 2014 the Department for Education formally asked a number of organisations across the country to investigate allegations of potential inappropriate behaviour by Jimmy Savile.  Leeds City Council was asked to investigate four separate allegations.  Three allegations were in relation to establishments historically managed or commissioned by Leeds City Council, whilst the fourth concerned the former Notre Dame Grammar School.  The council was asked to undertake the latter investigation as the present Notre Dame Sixth Form College in Leeds has no links with the management or governing body of the previous school and is not a successor body.
Leeds City Council commissioned an independent child protection consultant to lead the investigations, with the full support of the Council and partners, with the oversight of the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board. In addition to the historical allegations the consultant was also asked to review existing safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that they are robust and provide the protection that children need.

The investigation found no evidence to corroborate any of the allegations. It confirmed that the policies and procedures now in place all meet the current requirements and legislation.

At the request of the Department for Education, on 26 February 2015 reports into each the various investigations that have taken place nationally have been published simultaneously by the lead organisations on their respective websites.  Read the report produced for Leeds City Council.  ​