Further Information

We are committed to publishing increasing amounts of data.  This promotes openness and transparency and allows others to re-use this data in new and imaginative ways.

5 star open data standards
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web and linked-data initiator, suggested a 5 star rating scheme to work through when publishing datasets.  Leeds City Council has adopted the UK government's approach that data should be published to a minimum of 3 stars.  This means our data is easily accessible and available to re-use as required (subject to terms outlined in the Open Government Licence).  We are working hard to ensure all our published datasets meet this standard.

Personal data
Protecting your personal data is of paramount importance to us.  We are only publishing data which contains no personal data or where any personal data has been removed.  Publishing data will not impact on our obligations in adhering to the Data Protection Act.

Data.gov.uk is the UK government's national data store.  Its aim is to make data which is published by public sector organisations across the UK easily available.  It is our intention to make available increasing amounts of our data available on this site as well as our own website.

Data Quality
We want our data to be as accurate as possible and work hard to get this right before it is published.  We don't want data quality however to be a barrier to the publication of data and if we are aware of any issues we'll let you know.  You can also help us to improve the quality of our data.  If you spot any errors please let us know and we'll look into correcting it.

Contact us
It is our aim to publish increasing amounts of council data in the spirit of openness and transparency.  We aim to make as much of our non-personal data available for re-use as possible.  If there are any datasets you would like us to look into publishing, or if you have used any of our data in your apps we'd like to hear from you.  Please get in touch via email using the contact us section.