WW1 Heritage

We've been delivering a special programme of exhibitions, events and outreach activities between 2014 and 2018, to reflect the history of Leeds during wartime through the lens of our nine historic sites, our collections and the legacy of the war in the city today.

Find out more about how the war affected people’s lives locally in Leeds and around the world. Discover how our heritage buildings were used during the war, see wartime artefacts from our collections, uncover the stories behind personal objects and get involved in our local community projects. 

For more information about our First World War commemoration programme please contact our First World War Curator lucy.moore@leeds.gov.uk



Borrow our Leeds War Poetry displayhttp://secretlivesofobjects.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/behind-lines-new-first-world-war-poetry.html, Read a blog post about the creation of the displaysBorrow our Leeds War Poetry display<div class="ExternalClassE72EB508173A433AAAAF2269E72EF288"><p>​<img src="/museumsandgalleries/PublishingImages/Concertina%20Images/Behind%20the%20Lines%20display.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br><br>Our new community exhibition, ‘Behind the Lines’, explores poetry by people who lived and worked in Leeds during the First World War. We have produced six portable, pull-up banners looking at previously unseen poetry from our collections, written during 1914-1920. </p> <p>The six banners feature poets from different walks of life, including Dorothy Una Ratcliffe, the city’s youngest Lady Mayoress and Edward Spetch, a Private soldier from Armley.</p> <p><strong>Borrow the banners:</strong><br>We want to make this community exhibition widely available to people throughout Leeds. Please contact our First World War Projects Curator Lucy Moore (<a href="mailto:lucy.moore@leeds.gov.uk">lucy.moore@leeds.gov.uk</a>) if you would be interested in borrowing the banners for your organisation or space.</p></div>
Community outreach activitiesCommunity outreach activities<div class="ExternalClass4455D3D423404C67A2FBE8D73B0B2D37">​If you would like us to bring our collections closer to you our outreach service provides an opportunity to explore our First World War objects though community talks, object handling or tailored workshop events. To arrange an activity with our community outreach team please contact <a href="mailto:lucy.moore@leeds.gov.uk">lucy.moore@leeds.gov.uk</a> </div>
Peace Making displayPeace Making display<div class="ExternalClass3305E4132B3541C48128FE3C940475DB"><p><strong>10 - 18 November</strong><br><strong>Leeds City Museum</strong><br></p><p><img src="/museumsandgalleries/leedscitymuseum/PublishingImages/Peace%20Making.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p><p>On Armistice Day 1918, local girl Madge Howdill celebrated the end of the war by creating a flag and parading it in the city. 100 years on we honour the sacrifices made during wartime and the hope for a peaceful future, in a new installation of symbols of peace, created by the people of Leeds.</p><p>See this 1918 Armistice Flag on display. Witness symbols of peace covering the giant map of Leeds in the Brodrick Hall. Alongside the work of other groups, inspired by the Armistice banner, who worked with textile artist Agnis Smallwood to create their own collaborative works, inspired by the question "What does peace mean to you?"</p><p>Join us to reflect on 100 years of war and peace in Leeds and beyond, with music from the newly commissioned <em>Penthos</em> sung by St Peter's Singers. This installation forms part of Leeds Museums & Galleries 'Armistice & After' season of events, which you can find futher details of on the <a href="https://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/commemorating-wwi">Leeds Inspired website</a>.<br></p></div>
WW1 resourcesWW1 resources<div class="ExternalClass8EDF102420134171B44C34E5722EA4EF"><p>• A selection of pod-casts of the Art in the First World War lecture series organised in conjunction with the University of Leeds Legacies of War project and Leeds Art Gallery are now available at <a href="https://ww1art.wordpress.com/">https://ww1art.wordpress.com/</a><br>  <br>• Our fascinating WW1 Facebook timeline shares facts and insights into Leeds First World War history <a href="https://www.facebook.com/WW1Leeds">www.facebook.com/WW1Leeds </a><br><br>• Our volunteer led research on the training camp of the Leeds Pals is moving forward. For updates visit <a href="https://leedspalsvolunteerresearchers.wordpress.com/">https://leedspalsvolunteerresearchers.wordpress.com/</a></p> <p><br>• Find out about First World War commemoration across Yorkshire by downloading the '1914 in Yorkshire' booklet in the 'Documents' section.</p></div>
Educational resourcesEducational resources<div class="ExternalClass86996165CF624F60823419FBF3C35C12">​<strong>My Learning </strong><br>MyLearning has a large number of free WW1 resources online covering subjects from the Leeds Pals, to Blackburn aircraft, to local medal recipients. Our First World War Guardians interactive received a commendation in the 2015 Digital Heritage Awards and provides information about different medals, maps key WW1 events in Europe and lets you design and create your own medal.  There are new resources designed to help young people achieve their Arts Award too. Visit <a href="http://www.mylearning.org/firstworldwarcentenary">www.mylearning.org/firstworldwarcentenary</a> <br><br><strong>The Schoolroom at Leeds Industrial Museum (KS2, 4 hrs)</strong><br>Become a child in 1917 through an immersive, in-character schoolroom experience based on the evidence of Leeds school log books. Find out how the war affected a soldier’s wife in Leeds. For information contact 0113 378 3173 or <a href="mailto:armley.mills@leeds.gov.uk">armley.mills@leeds.gov.uk</a> <br><br><strong>Beyond the Trenches at Discovery Centre and as outreach (KS2/3, 1-2 hrs)</strong><br>Was it all about the trenches? Through object-based discussion-led activities, learn about life in the trenches and the effects of the war back home. For information contact 0113 3782100 or <a href="mailto:discovery.centre@leeds.gov.uk">discovery.centre@leeds.gov.uk</a> <br><br><strong>The First World War Hospital at Lotherton Hall (KS2/3, 4hrs)</strong><br>Discover the story of the country house as a military hospital. Pupils will train as VAD nurses in the different jobs needed to look after wounded British soldiers coming home from the front line. For information contact 0113 3782959 or <a href="mailto:lotherton.hall@leeds.gov.uk">lotherton.hall@leeds.gov.uk</a> ​​</div>



Armistice and After Programmehttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/museumsandgalleries/Release Documents/Armistice and After Programme.pdf2402296pdf