Fantastical Beasts

Lion statue

30 Mar - 3 Nov 2019

Temple Newsam House

From gryphons to gargoyles and wyverns to wolves, come along and explore the hidden beasts lurking in the walls of Temple Newsam.

There are Fantastical Beasts everywhere at Temple Newsam House! They are lurking in the furniture, hiding in the doorframes and fireplaces, emblazoned on vessels and showcased in our exhibition room. Here be dragons and griffins and unicorns…

Inspired by the rich ornamentation of realistic and imaginary animal motifs on the furniture, interiors and decorative arts at Temple Newsam, the Fantastical Beasts exhibition combines a focused trail around the house, a display of art and artefacts in the exhibition room, including items from the social and natural history collections, and an interactive themed space for family visitors. 

Take a trail around the house and delve into the weird and wonderful collection of ceramics, furniture and art work inspired by fantastical beasts of myth, legend and reality, and see our exciting new acqusition by artist Kate MccGwire.