Leeds City Museum is a member of the Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme (VAQAS). Situated in Leeds city centre, the museum is a 10 minute walk from Leeds train station and a 15 minute walk from Leeds Bus Station. 

Located on Millennium Square, the museum is on a graduated slope (upward from the direction of the train station or downward if you are approaching from Woodhouse Lane).

Entrances to the Museum:
The main entrance to the museum is at the front of the building and is accessible via hand railed steps and a ramp or at ground level through the café.  Both entrances have automatic doors that open outwards.

See drop down lists below for more access information.



Disabled ParkingDisabled Parking<div class="ExternalClass6403BFB1C6A14D8088515EC7AD2E524F"><p>The nearest disabled parking bays are located on Rossington Street or Vernon Street, on either side of the Museum. </p> <p>Further disabled bays are available on Cookridge Street and at the Merrion Centre, Woodhouse Lane, The Light and Rose Bowl car parks (a 5-10 minute walk away).</p></div>
Induction loops / Sound enhancement systemsInduction loops / Sound enhancement systems<div class="ExternalClassD575E020A30C4187B761AFA02B6D912C">Induction loops are in place in the shop and conference rooms.<br></div>
Sensory GuideSensory Guide<div class="ExternalClass9CDC9A5678CE4C7EB50940624BCBD6AD">Download%20our%20<strong>Sensory%20Guide%20(PDF%20762KB)</a></strong>%20to%20help%20you%20find%20quieter,%20less%20crowded%20and%20lower%20lit%20spaces%20during%20your%20visit.​​</div>
Sensory Room for Families with Additional NeedsSensory Room for Families with Additional Needs<div class="ExternalClass3F0237909C5E424BA2C7219EBCA0D3CD">​​<p>For families who might find a trip to the museum a little overwhelming. A pop-up sensory room with bubble tube, dark tents and tactile toys, for a calmer moment on your museum trip in the holidays. We are limiting the total number of tickets for the morning to 25. Booking essential on Eventbrite - please book one ticket per person in your group.</p> <p>The room will be open from 10.30am-12pm so you can stay for the full time or drop in for part of it. The room is located on the lower ground of the museum - turn left out of the lift on the lower ground.</p> <p>If you want to talk to someone before your visit, please call <strong>0113 378 7122</strong> or email <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> <p><strong>How to book:</strong> <strong><a href=""></a></strong> - Tickets are free.<br> <strong>Dates:</strong> Thursday 10 August, Thursday 26 October, Tues 19 December ​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></p></div>
Sensory Guide, Sensory Guide (763 KB)Sensory Guide<div class="ExternalClass387C84A85A9D4FE0B2F7C2C387FC68E7">Download our sensory guide to help you find quieter, less crowded and lower lit spaces during your visit.​​​</div>
Accessible toiletsAccessible toilets<div class="ExternalClass80F66C492CA0404F9D473B0C18665A69">There are accessible toilets on every floor in the Museum, all of which are clearly signposted and marked on the site map. Copies of the site map are available at the Museum entrance.<br><br>Facilities in the accessible toilets include emergency alarms and fire alarms with flashing lights. These toilets are not RADAR key operated. <br></div>
Borrow a wheelchair Borrow a wheelchair <div class="ExternalClass2A47133568BE48A0893BCD3F72174116"><p>There are two wheelchairs available to borrow on your visit. </p> <p>Unfortunately we cannot provide assistance around the Museum for wheelchair users though.  Please telephone <span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;">+44 (0)113 378 5001</span> in advance of your visit to ensure a chair is available or ask a member of the team on arrival.​​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></p></div>
Lifts and access to galleriesLifts and access to galleries<div class="ExternalClassD4874A8C012042829749CEE200A9C46F"><p>The entire museum is accessible. A lift to each floor has capacity for up to two wheelchairs on any one journey.  <br><br><strong>Please note:</strong></p> <ul><li>Seating is available around the museum, in every gallery and in the café<br></li> <li>Light levels may be low in certain galleries. This is to protect and conserve the objects in those areas. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to borrow a torch during your visit.<br></li> <li>Large print exhibition guides are available in most galleries<br></li> <li>There are a number of tactile, audio, visual and interactive exhibits and spaces throughout the museum</li></ul></div>
Access for groups and toursAccess for groups and tours<div class="ExternalClassD6B6770181AC431886060F431591731B"><p>Touch tours can be arranged with two weeks’ notice (dependent on staffing) for individuals and small groups. Call <span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;">+44 (0)113 378 5001<a title="Call: +44 (0)113 378 5001" href="#" style="overflow:hidden;border-width:medium;border-style:none;border-color:initial;height:16px;width:16px;vertical-align:middle;white-space:nowrap;right:0px;float:none;left:0px;margin:0px;display:inline;top:0px;bottom:0px;position:static !important;"></a></span> to book.</p> <p><strong>Handling Sessions:</strong><br>All handling sessions are advertised via our events website - see the tab on the left to search our upcoming events. <br><br><strong>Contact us:</strong><br>If a member or members of your group require specific access provision, please contact the learning and access officer, at least six weeks in advance of your visit on<span class="baec5a81-e4d6-4674-97f3-e9220f0136c1" style="white-space:nowrap;"> +44<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span>(0)113 378 5001<a title="Call: +44 (0)113 378 5001" href="#" style="overflow:hidden;border-width:medium;border-style:none;border-color:initial;height:16px;width:16px;vertical-align:middle;white-space:nowrap;right:0px;float:none;left:0px;margin:0px;display:inline;top:0px;bottom:0px;position:static !important;"></a></span> or email <a href=""></a>​​</p></div>