Sculpture Collection


The Leeds Sculpture Collection comprises of over 800 objects, 400 works on paper and the Henry Moore Institute Archive of over 270 collections of papers relating to sculptors. The collections are principally British from c.1875 to the present day.

They narrate the development of sculpture being made in Britain, representing neglected as well as established practitioners, using the works on paper collection to represent the scope of contemporary practice alongside three-dimensional work.

The collections are actively acquired through both donation and purchase, with the sculpture and archive collections supplemented by the Henry Moore Institute Research Library, which provides invaluable research material on the holdings. Together the collections form a fuller teaching and study resource than any other national or regional collection.

The Henry Moore Institute remains open throughout the Leeds Art Gallery closure period. See the Institute's website to plan your visit.

(Image credit: Antonio Canova, Venus (The Hope Venus), 1817-1820. Given to Leeds Museums and Galleries by Mrs D. U. McGrigor Phillips, 1959.)



The Henry Moore Institute, Henry Moore Institute websiteThe Henry Moore Institute <div class="ExternalClass68FE97BB3881427ABC911BACA38BF1E0"><p>​<img src="/museumsandgalleries/PublishingImages/Concertina%20Images/Henry-Moore-Institute-Conce.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br><br>We have a longstanding relationship with our close neighbours The Henry Moore Institute, who oversee the administration and curatorial development of the Leeds Museums and Galleries sculpture collection. This partnership has built one of the strongest collections of British sculpture in the country. </p> <p>With the introduction of support from The Henry Moore Foundation in 1982, through the establishment of the Henry Moore Centre for the Study of Sculpture, Leeds confirmed its status as an international centre for the study and appreciation of sculpture.</p></div>