The Leeds Collection

(Image credit: Lady Elizabeth Butler (1846-1933), 'Scotland for Ever', 1881. Courtesy Leeds Museums and Galleries, given by Colonel T.W. Harding, 1888. This painting is currently on display in the Ziff Gallery).

Gustave Courbet's Les Demoiselles de Village (1851), given to our collection by Charles Roberts in 1937, will be on display from 22 September - 6 January 2019 at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Ferrara, Italy. 

Grandmother and Child (1894) by Pierre Bonnard  will be on display in the 'French Impressionism and Post Impressionism: Art of the Everyday' exhibition at The Lightbox, Woking from 29 September - 13 January 2019.

Henry Moore's Mother and Child (1936) is included in 'Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain' at the Hepworth Wakefield until 7 October.



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