Spring Rain: Becky Beasley

12th July - 22nd September 2013 (White Gallery and large and small Lyons galleries)
In this exhibition, British artist Becky Beasley explores relationships between photography and objects, the body and literature. The title of the exhibition is taken from a short story by Jewish American writer Bernard Malamud (1914-1986). A minimal tale of the ambiguities of everyday human relations, of things unsaid or unsayable, the story opens onto concerns that lie at the heart of Beasley’s practice.
The rhythms and forms of daily life and its cycles are also a source of inspiration for the new work as varieties of cucumbers proliferate throughout the exhibition; grown from seed by the artist, they introduce vitality, growth, reproduction and acts of tending and nurturing. The exhibition was inspired not only by her own life and family, but also by two canonical works, one literary and the other visual; Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, and Marcel Duchamp’s last work, Étant donnés.
These new works are accompanied by two displays of work by other artists selected by Beasley. The first is a series of photographs of vegetables by Charles Jones, a Victorian gardener and self-taught photographer. The second display is work from the Leeds Collection selected by the artist that reflects Beasley’s interest in still life and the domestic.
Photography is allowed in the Becky Beasley exhibition. Share your photos of the exhibition with us by adding them to the flickr group.
Spring Rain is a partnership with Spike Island.
Image: Spring Rain (family) (detail), 2013. 
Courtesy of the artist, Laura Bartlett Gallery and Francesca Minini. All rights reserved.