Are you an Artsmark school, or looking to become one?

We have great deals for Artsmark schools and free workshops! See below for more information on offers at our various sites.



Leeds City Museum offer for Artsmark SchoolsLeeds City Museum offer for Artsmark Schools<div class="ExternalClass2C6A59A666FD42849FE26FBCB864D607"><p>Free 1 hour interactive teacher CPD session at Leeds City Museum, with a chance to handle real museum objects.  </p> <p>Try out and plan activities for a school visit, focusing on historical enquiry skills.  Develop confidence in handling and teaching with museum objects and using them as an exciting stimulus for various curriculum areas.  </p> <p>Available for a few teachers from a phase/department team or for a large group of staff.</p> <p><br>For more information or to book, please contact Natalie Haigh on 0113 2243732 or <a href=""></a></p></div>
​Leeds Art Gallery offer for Artsmark Schools​Leeds Art Gallery offer for Artsmark Schools<div class="ExternalClass2156CA420A4043EE971830E48DC205FC"><strong>Free ‘Ways of Being an Art Detective’ workshop </strong><br><br>Leeds Art Gallery is offering a free and bespoke ‘Ways of Being an Art Detective’ workshop.  This two hour exploration of art in an art gallery will be designed around a theme of your choice. Making the visit relevant and specific to your individual class or school this provides a starting point for getting up close and inside very different artworks. <br><br>“I learnt a picture tells a story if you look closely”, KS2 pupil<br><br>Working collaboratively in small groups, pupils will develop confidence in looking and thinking skills whilst enhancing their understanding of your chosen theme. Time will be spent in galleries amongst artworks as well as in the Studio, where discussion to share opinions and ideas will build upon written notes made in front of the artworks themselves. The workshop will meet National Curriculum objectives within Art and English (literacy) at each key stage and is enriched by the National Gallery’s Take One Picture strategies of which Leeds Art Gallery is the Yorkshire region representative.<br><br>To make your booking please contact Amanda Phillips, Learning and Access Officer, Leeds Art Gallery: <a href=""></a>  </div>
​Leeds Discovery Centre offer for Artsmark schools​Leeds Discovery Centre offer for Artsmark schools<div class="ExternalClass44901830E0124867941D4474F14FA4AA"><p>Buy one Leeds Museum Discovery Centre Outreach Session (currently £55 for 2hrs) in school and get one workshop at the Leeds Discovery Centre completely free of charge. </p> <p>Artsmark schools can also have a free one hour teacher CPD session on using objects as inspiration in the classroom in school. <br><br>Imagine a million objects stacked on shelves in a giant fridge with no natural light, magnetic door locks and the stickiest bug traps in the world and you get a picture of  Leeds’ very own Night at the Museum-esque custom-built storage facility in South Leeds. Objects that aren’t on display at any of the other Leeds City Council sites are kept here. </p> <p>Learning through objects gives your students a chance to discover and create stories, then interpret them through art, drama, dance, creative writing, film or scientific experimentation. <br><br>We can come out to your school and deliver a hands-on learning outreach session in your classroom. To further embed and consolidate the learning we are also offering a free visit and workshop at the Discovery Centre if your school has signed up to the Artsmark network. With a store containing one million objects we do our best to find something to link to any topic; adding interest through cross-curricular work and an enquiry-based approach. </p> <p>Past enquiries have included students looking at the internal working mechanisms of machines, a year 2 class practising their fossil detective skills, and a teacher looking to add spice to a science topic with real monsters from the Natural History Collection.<br><br>To make your booking please contact Kate Fellows, Learning Manager, Leeds Museums and Galleries: <a href=""></a> or  07891276891.</p></div>