Danger Zone

Danger Zone/crime scene tape

26 Jan - 31 Dec 2019

Abbey House Museum

From hidden hazards to perilous poisons, Danger Zone explores alarming accidents, flammable fashions and treacherous toys through Leeds museum’s collections.

The exhibition will expose the risks people took in their daily lives using the simplest of everyday objects, including some you may recognise from your own childhood. 

You will be amazed at how many everyday historic items would now be considered unsafe, unhygienic or downright dangerous! 

Come and discover some surprising hazards and be thankful for modern health and safety.

We will be hosting a series of talks throughout the year which have been inspired by the exhibition; a selection of highlights are below and more information can be found on Leeds Inspired and the Abbey House Museum facebook page.

6 February
Asbestos in Leeds,
Asbestos in Everything!
Dr Jessica Van Horssen, Leeds Beckett University

17 April
The Bramhope Tunnel –
Conquering the Ridge
Louise Birch, Leeds Libraries

8 May
Potions and Powders:
Beauty and Medications to die for
Dr Stella Baraklianou, University of Huddersfield

10 July
Remedies in the 1700s and 1800s –
Help or Hazard?
Prof. Colin Wright, University of Bradford

16 October
Mad? Bad? Dangerous to know?
Asylum Patients in the Nineteenth Century
Dr Rob Ellis, University of Huddersfield and
David Morris, West Yorkshire Archive Service