Sociable History


A new club for over 55s

Meeting monthly at Leeds City Museum, the Sociable History club offers monthly talks and the chance to meet fellow history lovers. We hold a diverse range of talks, from stories of celebrated Leeds residents to the fascinating histories of Leeds institutions.

Sociable History is the sister group to the 1152 Club at Kirkstall Abbey Museum.

For all history lovers who like a bit of socialising too!

All talks take place from 10:30 - 11:30am, and are free to attend, with free refreshments included. No need to book!

Upcoming Talks

Friday 8th March
'Pot Luck' with Nicola Pullan (Assistant Curator of Social History)

Come along for a chance to find out about some of the ceramics in the Social History collections, how they were used, who made them and what they might have meant to people. 

Friday 12th April 
The Life and Death of Henry VI with historian Lauren Johnson

Only child of a warrior father who defeated the French at Agincourt, Henry VI of the House of Lancaster inherited the crowns of England of France before his first birthday. And yet, by the time he was done to death in the Tower of London in 1471, France was lost, his throne had been seized by his rival, Edward IV of the House of York, and his kingdom had descended into the violent chaos of the Wars of the Roses.  Join Lauren Johnson as she tells the remarkable and sometimes shocking story of Henry's life and the tumultuous and bloody nature of the times in which he lived.  

Friday 10th May
History of Leeds Museums & Galleries’ Archaeological Collections with Kat Baxter (Curator of Archaeology)

Archaeology has been collected by Leeds Museums & Galleries for nearly 200 years, and our collection continues to grow today. Whilst in the 1800s artefacts were acquired from around the world, today the focus is on excavations carried out in Leeds. This talk from Kat Baxter, Curator of Archaeology for Leeds Museums & Galleries, will trace how collecting has changed and highlight some of our star objects. 

Friday 14th June
History and Function of City Farms in Urban Regeneration with Education Officer Robert Paige

An illustrated talk about Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.

Friday 12th July 
Bringing a Taste of Caribbean Culture to Leeds in the 60s with Annette Morris

The story of Mr St Claire Morris, the first steel pan teacher in England, told by his daughter Annette Morris.

Friday 9th August
300 Years of Migrating to Leeds with Adam Jaffer (Curator of World Cultures) and Ruth Martin (Exhibitions Curator)

Many people have come to Leeds to start a new life, including those escaping famine in Ireland in the 1800s, those seeking work opportunities, and today’s refugees arriving in our City of Sanctuary. This talk will tell the story of some of those people, and look at how our collection shows the ways in which migration has shaped the city.

Friday 13th December

A Seventeenth Century Christmas with the Leeds Waits

The Leeds Waits return with a recreation of a seventeenth century Christmas entertainment, with seasonal music of the period, readings, a short mumming play and a few audience carols.



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