Crime & Punishment


Until 31st December 2016
Abbey House Museum 

Explore the murky history of crime and punishment in the UK from the 1650s onward in this enthralling exhibition. 

Take a walk into the past, when you could be fined for putting plant pots on your windowsill, when a gossiping woman might be put in a scold's bridle and people were executed for clipping coins!

The exhibition will feature displays on Victorian street crime, fraud and dodgy trading, crime fiction and 1923 bylaws, in addition to poison, security, police, evidence, detection and trials. It will also explore why we lock people up, public order and safety, cruel and unusual punishments. 

You'll have the chance to see some of the city’s fascinating collections relating to crime and punishment, including ghoulish penny slot machines, deadly poisons that could once be bought over the counter and gruesome man traps. Highlights include loans from Leeds’ Thackray Medical Museum, Ripon’s Prison and Police Museum and Nottingham's Galleries of Justice Museum. 


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