Geoblitz is a three-year project funded by the John Ellerman foundation to investigate and promote the geology collection at Leeds, and create a series of public events shared with partner museums across the UK.

The Geology Collection at Leeds Museums
We have an impressive range of over 27,000 specimens of fossils, minerals and various rock types, featuring significant rarities and the odd curiosity. Specimens of note include: an impressive collection of Hypselospinus dinosaur bones, a 2 metre Carboniferous fish megalichthyes, a selection of megalodon shark teeth the size of your hand, the rare minerals - matlockite and phosgenite, wonderful fairy stones, bizarre flexible sandstone and exquisitely preserved Carboniferous ferns.

The collection is reviewed by guest geologists and palaeontologists to highlight the scientific and historic value of specimens, and assess public engagement potential. Specimens are marked against a simple one to three star rating for scientific and historic importance, and a universally recognised gold, silver and bronze award to indicate public engagement. The results are then condensed, and the highlights are posted on the Geoblitz blog for everyone to see.  

Magmatic Processes animation:
This animation illustrates the igneous and metamorphic events at plate boundaries, and the construction of sedimentary rocks as a product of the Hydrology cycle.



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