Giving us your Objects

Where do I start?

If you have an object or collection of objects that you would like to give to Leeds Museums and Galleries please email and your query will be forwarded to the Registrars department who will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate curator who will then get in touch with you directly.

What happens next?

Our curators will look at the objects you wish to donate and will take your proposal or offer to the Acquisitions Committee who are responsible for deciding what we should be collecting as a service.

The Acquisitions Committee meets once a month and is made up of curators from all subject areas, registrars and the Head of Leeds Museums and Galleries. At the Acquisitions Committee meeting, members of the committee will agree to either accept or refuse your offer. This decision will be made on the basis of our collecting policy. Our collecting policy is the document that sets out what Leeds Museums and Galleries collects and why.

If the committee accept your offer, you will be contacted and asked to sign a Transfer of Title form, legally transferring the ownership of the object(s) to Leeds Museums and Galleries. If you wish, your name will be kept on the database of Museum and Gallery collections and you will be credited on object labels as a donor if the object(s) is put on display.

If your offer is declined, you will be given an explanation as to why this is. If we feel that another museum may benefit from your offer we will do our best to put you in touch with the appropriate contact at that museum. 

If at any time you are asked to leave your object(s) with us before the offer has been proposed to the Acquisitions committee, you will be provided with a copy of an entry form as a receipt.

The appropriate curator will be able to advise you as to how your object(s) will be stored or displayed.

If your item is archival (eg. newspaper articles, photographs, diaries etc) you may want to contact the West Yorkshire Archive Service.

West Yorkshire Archive Service
PO Box 5
Nepshaw Lane South
LS29 0QP