Private trees and hedges

It is a tree owner’s legal responsibility to make sure that trees and hedges on their land are safe and maintained.

We do not deal with trees on private land, unless it is causing an issue on council owned land.

Cutting trees and hedges yourself

It is your legal responsibility to make sure that trees and hedges are maintained. If a neighbours tree or hedge is crossing into your property, you should contact the owner.

We can remind them of their legal responsibilities for you, but our legal powers to take action are limited unless there is a risk to life.

You can trim branches and roots that cross into your property, but if you do more than this, your neighbour can take you to court for damaging their property.

Find out what you can do if your neighbour’s tree or hedge is causing a problem.

If trees or hedges on your property are causing an obstruction to a highway, we can ask you to cut them down. If you refuse or the work isn’t carried out in the stated time, we will do the work without your permission and charge you for it.

Countryside hedges and conservation areas

Hedges in certain areas of a specific age and size may be protected by a tree preservation order. This means you may need permission before cutting or removing them. Countryside hedges include those which are on or next to:

  • land used for agriculture or forestry
  • a village green
  • a nature reserve

Weeds on roads or paths

What you need to do about weeds or non native plants depends on where they are growing.

Public land or the highway

Please email who will investigate the issue. You must include:  

  • your name
  • a contact telephone number
  • the exact location of the issue

Leeds Housing tenants

Contact your local housing office who will investigate the issue.  

Private property

The property owner is responsible for preventing weeds from spreading. Read GOV.UK advice on identifying and removing harmful weeds and plants.  

Issues the council does not deal with

We do not take care of tree or hedge risks on private land including if:

  • a tree is causing a problem with TV reception or solar panels
  • a tree is blocking light
  • honeydew is falling onto cars or a property
  • a tree is blocking street lights
  • a tree or hedge needs pruning
  • bird droppings need clearing from branches
  • fallen fruit or blossom needs clearing from the ground
  • insects or animals need moving

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