Forestry and Trees

Leeds City Council has a legal duty to maintain council owned trees in such a way that their condition or location does not pose unreasonable risks to people or property. We take this duty of care extremely seriously and prioritise identified risks to ensure that the most serious risks are attended to first.

The council does not prioritise tree work where no risks are identified. However, Housing Leeds does provide some funding for council properties to reduce severe tree/shade issues, provided that strict parameters are met. In relation to private properties, where the same parameters can be met and property owners are willing to fund the work, the council will consider reducing tree/shade issues for private home owners.

Our new publication, Tree Guidelines for the Management of Leeds City Council’s Trees​, addresses the most frequently asked questions about the type of tree work that we will undertake and the tree work that will not be undertaken. The guidelines cover the following:

  • explanation of our tree risk management system
  • trees causing shade, overhanging or encroaching on property
  • trees causing obstruction or interference
  • naturally occurring tree issues that may be perceived to be a ‘nuisance’
  • trees relating to building and construction
  • trees on Housing Leeds land
  • routine tree maintenance

If you are concerned about a council owned tree, please read these guidelines carefully as they provide the answer to most tree related enquiries.

If the tree is on private land that is not owned by the council then we will not deal with it. The only circumstance we  deal with a tree on private land is if it is causing an issue with anything that is publicly owned, for example, a tree on privately owned land affecting a public highway.

All Housing Leeds tree enquiries should be referred direct to the local Housing Office or to Housing Enquiries:

  • telephone: 0113 188 4000

All other enquiries relating to council owned trees should be referred to Parks & Countryside. Please make contact via:

  • telephone: 0113 378 6002
  • e-mail:
  • office opening hours: 8am to 4:30pm
  • emergency out of hours: 0113 376 0499 (available after 4:30pm)



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