Report a problem with a public right of way

Report a problem with a public footpath, bridleway or byway.

Use our online form to report problems with:

  • public footpaths (not roadside pavements) - for use by pedestrians
  • public bridleways - for use by people on foot, horseback or bicycle
  • byways open to all traffic - these have full vehicular rights, but are mainly used as bridleways
  • restricted byways - these have rights on foot, horseback, bicycle and non-mechanical vehicles such as horse and cart
Report a problem with a public right of way onlineExternal link

Find out how to report problems with roads and pavements, including potholes, road markings and obstructions on our Report a problem with a road or pavement page.

Find out if a route is a public right of way

Use our map to find out if the problem you need to report is on a public right of way. You will also find useful information including the status and identifying number of the route.

Public rights of way mapExternal link

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