Definitive Map and Statement

​​The Definitive Map and Statement is the legal record of public paths and provides conclusive evidence of their existence and status.

The Definitive Map shows their location and the statement records status, description, width, length, structures and surface.

The Definitive Map online

You can view the Leeds public right of way map online.

Definitive paths are shown in black. Claimed paths are shown in green but require investigating and many are not available for use.

Disclaimer: This is a test site under development, and is not the Definitive Map. There is no guarantee of accuracy and it should not be used to determine the location or alignment of paths.

Anyone wanting to view the Definitive Map and Statement or Registers or further information should contact the Definitive Map Team on 0113 395 7400.

Changing the definitive map and statement

Public paths can be diverted, created or extinguished by Public Path Orders. If affected by development, Orders are made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Under the Highways Act 1980 paths can be diverted to benefit the landowner, created where needed or extinguished if not needed.

Unrecorded paths can be added to the map by a Definitive Map Modification Order. Anyone can apply for an Order but it must be supported by documentary evidence or evidence of use without interruption for twenty years.

A list of current applications can be found in the related documents section on this page.

Statutory declarations

Landowners can deposit a statement and map under section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 indicating any rights of way over their land and then make a make a statutory declaration to the effect that no additional rights of way exist.

The Register of Statutory Declarations and Town and Village Green Landowner Statements can be viewed from the link or alternatively can visit our offices to view the paper copy.​​​

Town and village greens

You can find guidance on how to register town and village greens on the website.



Current DMMO applications DMMO applications.pdf175075pdf
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