Public rights of way

The public rights of way network, comprising footpaths, bridleways and byways provides the key to exploring much of the countryside of Leeds, whether it be for active pursuits such as walking, cycling or horse-riding, or more leisurely strolls.

Within Leeds there are 819km of rights of way, 628km of footpath, 180km of bridleway, together with a short network of byways and other routes with public access. These ways can lead you through varied and changing landscapes, from urban areas to glorious countryside, and from the car to a country park and beyond.

Report problems about a public right of way

For any issues with the following types of public right of way please report them using our online form. You can check if the route you are wishing to report is a public right of way, its status and identifying number on the Leeds public right of way map.

  • Public Footpath (not roadside pavements) - for use by pedestrians
  • Public Bridleway - for use by people on foot, horseback or bicycle
  • Byway Open to All Traffic - which have full vehicular rights, but are mainly used as bridleways
  • Restricted Byway - which have rights on foot, horseback, bicycle and non-mechanical vehicles such as horse and cart