World languages

  • Leeds Library and Information Service is offering the British Citizenship self learn course and practice tests for free at your local library or online from home, all you need is your Leeds library membership card number.
  • Download the leaflet ‘Life in Great Britain’ from the Documents section for more information.
  • Also available is First Steps which is an easy to use self learning basic computer and IT programme, provided on all library computers. It can also be accessed from home through the above link and by inputting your Leeds library membership card number.
  • Books and newspapers are available in many different languages, why not search our Library catalogue to search for books in the language of your choice. 
  • Multilingual word processing is available at some of our libraries.
  • Library use instructions and membership forms available in commonly requested languages, see the Documents section for more information.
  • Translators can be requested for people having difficulty accessing library services.
  • Everyone can have FREE access to the Internet and use of the latest computer facilities, learning sessions are also available.
  • Multilingual word processing is available at some of our libraries
  • For more information on Community Languages call Enquiry Express on 0113 247 6016 or email using the link on this page.



Microsoft Word - Farsi Documents.doc documents.pdf1133020pdf
Microsoft Word - Kurdish Sorani Documents.doc sorani documents.pdf1159708pdf
A3.pub in britain citizenship leaflet.pdf361058pdf
Life in Britain in Britain.pdf1280742pdf
Microsoft Word - Polish Documents.doc documents.pdf197129pdf
Microsoft Word - Punjabi Documents.doc documents.pdf1150850pdf
Microsoft Word - Slovak Documents.doc documents.pdf192840pdf
Microsoft Word - Urdu Documents.doc documents.pdf1150622pdf
Microsoft Word - Cantonese Documents.doc documents.pdf1076434pdf
Microsoft Word - Arabic Documents.doc documents.pdf561931pdf
Microsoft Word - Bengali Documents.doc documents.pdf1384021pdf

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