Parents & Carers

Welcome to the Parents and Carers section of Leeds Pathways. Here you will find links to useful information we have collated to assist you in supporting your teenager in making informed education and career choices​.​​

You can also explore the rest of Leeds Pathways with your teenager to discover the different courses, training opportunities and jobs available across Leeds and beyond.



Year 8 & 9Year 8 & 9<div class="ExternalClass709B07D39D5B48C19F3C8103A95600C1"><p> <strong>Website links</strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• Plotr - Choosing GCSE options: Helping your child choose the right GCSE options</a></strong></p> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;"> </a> <p> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;"> <strong></strong></a> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• Plotr - Careers advice for parents</a></strong></p> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;"> </a> <p> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;"> <strong></strong></a> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• 14+ Apprenticeship Academy at Leeds City College</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• UTC (University Technical College) Leeds</a></strong></p> <br> <p> <strong>Documents</strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/leedspathways/Documents/Letter%20to%20Parents%20of%20%20Year%209%20learners%20Oct%202018.pdf" style="color:steelblue;">• Year 9 Parents letter - Helping your children with their learning options for Year 10 onwards (PDF 2MB)</a></strong>​​​<br></p> <br> </div>
Year 10 & 11Year 10 & 11<div class="ExternalClassF38A34F661E04E46BB5C7121A8DDDAC1"><p> <strong>Website links</strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• Plotr - Options after 16 years old</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• Careers advice for parents - choosing between sixth form and college</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/leedspathways/Pages/Education-Training-and-Alternative-Provision-in-Leeds.aspx" style="color:steelblue;">• Post-16 education, training and alternative provision</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/leedspathways/Pages/Leeds-apprenticeships.aspx" style="color:steelblue;">• 16-18 Apprenticeships in Leeds</a></strong></p> <br> <p> <strong>Documents</strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/leedspathways/Documents/Letter%20to%20Parents%20of%20Year%2010_11%20learners%20Oct%202018.pdf" style="color:steelblue;">• Year 10 and 11 Parents letter - Helping your teenager find post-16 opportunities (PDF 2MB)</a></strong>​​​</p> <br> </div>
Year 12 & 13Year 12 & 13<div class="ExternalClassEFFC02E67AB44D88B75D4A58646EB426"><p><strong>Website links</strong></p> <p><strong><a href="/leedspathways/Pages/Higher-Education-in-Leeds.aspx" style="color:steelblue;">• Continuing studies at 18+ – Higher Education</a></strong></p> <p><strong><a href="/residents/Pages/Becominganapprentice.aspx" style="color:steelblue;">• - Apprenticeships in Leeds</a></strong></p> <p><strong><a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• UCAS Undergraduate: Parents and guardians guide</a></strong></p> <p><strong><a href="" style="color:steelblue;">• - I'm not going to uni</a></strong></p> <p><strong><a href="/leedspathways/Pages/Jobs-and-Careers.aspx" style="color:steelblue;">• - Jobs and Careers</a></strong></p> ​</div>


All Post-16 education providers in Leeds welcome young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabilities, most of whom can get all the support they need in a mainstream college or school.

Young people with more complex needs, a SEN statement or Education, Health & Care plan (EHCP) might need specialist education provision.

Visit Supported learning to discover the range of providers for more complex needs, including SILCs (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres), colleges, schools and employment resources available.​​​