Making savings, reducing bills

There are many ways of reducing your living costs, from smarter shopping and insulating your home to reducing energy costs and reviewing what you pay for gas and electricity.

Utility costs continue to rise, and the following utility providers and advice agencies have services which could support you.

Home contents insurance scheme

The council has a  home contents insurance scheme in conjunction with Royal Sun Alliance. This offers low cost, zero-contract and zero-excess insurance to Leeds City Council tenants. The council operate the front end administration of the scheme (collection of premiums, setting up and cancelling policies, operating the renewal) whilst the actual insurance is provided by RSA and claims are dealt with separately as well.


Better Homes Yorkshire External link has funding available at various times throughout the year to provide full heating systems and gas connections for residents in fuel poverty without central heating. Funding is also available for fuel poor residents for things such as cavity wall and loft insulation. To find out more about the latest offers and most current government funding available, visit the website or call 0800 597 1500 or 0113 897 0977 and speak to an energy expert.

Council Tax can offer assistance if you are having problems paying, please call  them on 0113 376 0364.

Emmaus LeedsExternal link provide low cost furniture, electrical items, household goods and toys. You can call them on 0113 248 4288.

Energy SavingExternal link for tips on energy saving and how to reduce your bills. You can call them on 0300 123 1234.

Housing Options is a service for people who are homeless, threatened with homelessness or in some form of housing need.

Revive LeedsExternal link is based at Seacroft recycling centre and provides low cost re-used furniture. You can call them on 0113 273 1791.

Safe HavenExternal link is a charity furniture shop. You can call them on 0113 345 1218.

Seagulls Re-useExternal link provide low cost, quality paint. You can call them on 0113 246 7510.

ShelterExternal link helps people understand their housing rights and options. You can call them on 0300 330 1234.

SLATEExternal link offers low cost furniture. You can call them on 0113 270 4005.

St Judes / St Vincent de PaulExternal link shops at Armley, York Road, Butcher Hill, Lidgett Lane, Lincoln Green, Middleton, Moortown, Seacroft and Tinshill. You can call them on 0113 245 0800.

Sydney BridgeExternal link is a re-use furniture shop. You can call them on 0113 217 5388.

TV LicensingExternal link offer various payment methods and frequencies. Find out if you’re eligible for blind/severely sight impaired and over 75s concessions.​

Utility trust fundsExternal link are available and customers are able to apply via their customer debt programme.

Warmth for wellbeing serviceExternal link encompasses home visits by the ‘Green Doctor Team’ providing energy and fuel bill advice as well as heating improvements for private sector residents who suffer from a cold related illness.

WaterSureExternal link is available for certain customers with a water meter. It allows them to have their bills capped. This is to make sure that these customers don’t cut back on how much water they use because they are worried about how they will pay their bill.

Yorkshire WaterExternal link offers various payment options to help with your water bill. They have also established an independent registered charity called the Community Trust to help people in cases of extreme financial hardship. You can call them on 0845 124 2426.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​