The Bazaar

Spice things up with a trip to The Bazaar at Kirkgate Market and soak up an authentic Asian experience, where you’ll find thousands of unique items you won’t find anywhere else.

Silk saris jostle for space next to busy Indian bangles and exotic cardamom – right on your doorstep is a taste of the subcontinent with up to 50 stalls.

The Bazaar is open every Wednesday from 10.30am until 5pm.

bazaar market

Eager traders are always on hand to explain the finer points of Asian culture and help customers select the perfect spices for Indian inspired dishes.

Inhale the rich flavours and see the bright fabrics, garments, designer jewellery and handbags as well as cosmetics, beauty therapies and halal foods. You’ll also find fine ceremonial jewellery and clothing for special occasions.

The Bazaar includes traditional Indian cuisine from sweets and desserts to speciality meats, vegetables and spices.

Come feel energy of this exciting bazaar enticing traders and shoppers alike from nearby Bradford.