Who can I foster?

Children and young people of all ages need foster carers and we'll ask you if you have an age preference as part of your assessment.

We currently have a shortage of foster carers for the following groups of children and young people:

  • young people aged 11 -17
  • large sibling groups
  • children and young people who are disabled and/or have complex needs
  • parent and child (fostering a young parent and their child)
  • unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Please contact us if you have any questions. We want to hear from you whatever age of child you are interested in fostering.

The different kinds of fostering we offer are:

  • Click to expand Short term
  • Click to expand Long term
  • Click to expand Emergency
  • Click to expand Respite: providing short term care to give regular carers a break
  • Click to expand Support care: providing short breaks to children who live with their families
  • Click to expand Caring for disabled children: including long term care, short term care and short breaks
  • Click to expand Supported lodgings: helping older children learn to live independently
  • Click to expand Parent and child: fostering a young parent and their child
  • Click to expand Rent a room
  • Click to expand Staying Put: continuing the fostering relationship once a young person has turned 18

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the different types of fostering.

Interested in fostering?

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