Help on offer in Leeds

Men who are abusive - help on offer in Leeds:
• Reaching Out is a group work programme run by BARCA and is available to men in Leeds postal codes 12, 13 and 28
• If you are charged with an offence and going through the courts you can talk to a Probation Officer about what groups they can offer

• Caring Dads is a 17 week group work programme for men who wish to change their abusive behaviour within the home. It encourages men to work on their behaviour towards their children and their children’s mother. You would need to be referred to this group by a Social Worker or other similar professional.

For more information see the documents avaliable for download in the Related Documents section on this page.

Useful books to read:

• From Fear to Freedom: Masculinity, Control and Change: A Workbook for Men by Dave Morran (Editor), Venture Press, 2009, ISBN 1861780826

• Violent No More by Michael Paymar, Hunter House Publishers, 2000, ISBN 0897932684.

• Man to Man: A Guide for Men in Abusive Relationships by Edward W. Gondolf and David M. Russell, Sulzburger & Graham Pub Co, ISBN 0945819617 or you can download it free of charge here.