External links

Where people's needs on Leeds.gov.uk are better met by another website, we link to them.

Guiding principle

We consider linking to other websites if we believe they help someone to complete their task. 

For example this may be a charity website offering more in-depth information and advice, or a way to comment on a planning application.

It’s important that people know a link is external before they click it. We do this by adding a symbol directly after the link text. This is used for any website that doesn't begin with www.leeds.gov.uk. 

When considering whether to link to another website, we check that:

  • the linked website helps to meet a specific need
  • content is up to date
  • the website has clear privacy and cookie policies
  • we are being impartial when linking to one organisation over another which offers similar services
  • the content is free to access
  • the website works well on all devices
  • the website is accessible

When external content changes

There is a risk that a website we link to changes in a way that means our link is no longer useful. It’s important to periodically check that links to other websites work, and the information on them is still relevant and useful.

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