Our food



As a Leeds based company we are very proud of the fantastic produce which is grown and produced within Yorkshire and neighbouring counties. Our menus are filled with locally sourced produce such as bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables, tea, biscuits, pickles and many more. We put Yorkshire produce at the heart of our offer.

Freshly Made

As a high quality caterer freshly made produce is integral to our business. Homemade soups, sauces and desserts are key to providing our great tasting meals with our signature flavours.


When fruit and vegetables are in season, they taste fantastic. There are some amazing fruit and vegetables grown on our doorstep which we serve whenever possible. Look out for our fresh salads, seasonal fruit cheesecake, fruit and vegetable platters, homemade soups and many more.

Fairtrade / Ethical

Our menus include a range of fairtrade produce which includes coffee, sugar, bananas, cocoa and honey, subject to availability. We are committed to ethical sourcing and fairtrade produce and are always looking to include more items within our catering offer.​​​