Text reads: Locally Sourced, we usr trusted local suppliers whereever possible

Local supply

​At Catering Leeds we believe in the importance and strength of working together with our suppliers and customers to ensure the children of Leeds look forward to and receive a nutritious and delicious meal at school every day.

Supporting local growers and suppliers
  • We're committed to good health and wellbeing for all the children of Leeds. That's why we use trusted local growers and suppliers.
  • We support local businesses and reduce the number of food miles travelled.

The closer they are to Leeds, the better.

  • Our meat is supplied by a local butcher who sources meat from areas such as Spenborough, Bradford, Sheffield, and East Yorkshire.
  • Our fresh food and vegetables are sourced from local growers such as Poskitts, Edward Baarda and Triffitt Nurseries.
  • Our eggs are all free range and come from East Yorkshire.

Food for thought indeed.

  • The meat and poultry we use on our menus is recognised from farm assured schemes such as Red Tractor. The farmers pride themselves on providing their animals with the highest standards of care and welfare.
  • Our fish is responsibly sourced and our tuna is dolphin friendly.
  • Ingredients and food used on our menus do not contain hydrogenated fats or artificial colours.


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