Child Friendly Leeds Fund

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The Child Friendly Leeds Fund was launched by Leeds City Council, in partnership with Leeds Community Foundation, in July 2017.

The Fund is a way for local businesses and individuals to contribute and make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in the city. Funds raised will support learning and ‘enrichment’ opportunities for those young people who may not otherwise have access to them, including:

  • children looked after by the local authority;
  • young people leaving local authority care;
  • children and young people with special educational needs (up to age 25);
  • children on the edge of care;
  • new arrivals (migrant children); and
  • children living in poverty

The positive opportunities provided will increase young people’s social skills, support their learning and ultimately help to build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

If you would like to arrange a fundraising event in support of the Fund – thank you! We really appreciate your support. Please email the Child Friendly Leeds team at to discuss and for more information.

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