Changes to our website

Welcome to our new-look website

If you’ve visited our website before, you might notice that we have changed.

Why we have changed our website

We know from your feedback that our website was not as easy to use as it could have been. It was also over five years old and was starting to show its age. Over the last year or so we have been carrying out various kinds of research and testing with members of the public who’ve volunteered to help. We’ve worked out where things are going wrong and where they work well. We’ve tried to understand how you use our website when you need information or need to complete a task.

What’s changed

You told us that you didn’t like all the different menus on each page and our testing showed that, because of the clutter, you didn’t tend to see all the information that was down the right hand side of the page. As a result we’ve changed the design of the website to be a lot less cluttered than it was before, focusing instead on what’s relevant for each page you might visit.

We’ve shown our main services on the homepage because, although they were there before, they were hidden behind a button, and we know that many people don’t want to spend a long time looking around our website.

You showed us that you value consistency; so we’ve changed things like moving ‘accessibility’ and ‘contact us’ to the bottom of the page as they are on other sites. We’ve also kept a more consistent layout across our website.

The top buttons for ‘residents’, ‘business’, and ‘where I live’ are no longer there because people using the website found them confusing. We’ve made sure things such as documents or contact details aren’t hidden away.

See some further detail about what’s changed External link.

What’s not changed yet

So far we’ve just changed the way our website looks, but you have also given us lots of feedback about how you’d like our pages to be written. We’re very aware that there’s no point in a nice-looking website if the content isn’t any good, so we’re working on improving the content and the journeys through our site (the navigation), and you should see improvements over the coming year.

Next steps

You can see an example of how we’re re-writing our pages in the Council Tax section. ‘Parking, roads and travel’ will follow shortly, with the ‘Planning and building’ area after that.

Help us to keep on improving!

The customer experience group helps us improve our website by taking part in a variety of activities either online or in person.

If you’re interested in getting involved, visit this page to find out more.  You will be invited to take part in testing from time to time, and can unsubscribe from the group if you no longer wish to help.

Tell us what you think

Throughout the site you’ll see a feedback box ‘Did you find what you were looking for’ at the bottom of pages. Use this to tell us what you think of our website, your comments will feed into future improvements.