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Leeds City Council is responsible for enforcing UK health and safety legislation for most non-industrial commercial premises within Leeds. The health and safety inspection team, part of the council's environmental health service, is committed to working with businesses to achieve safe and healthy working environments for everyone working in and visiting business premises in Leeds.

This online tutorial combines simple and practical advice with learning exercises to take you through a comprehensive step by step guide to health and safety risk assessment. You'll cover the basic principles behind risk assessment, find clear explanations of what the law requires and using everyday examples, see how you can achieve real health and safety improvements within your business.

Tasks, navigation and symbols

The navigation arrows at the bottom of each section will guide you through the tutorial. In the further information section of each page you also have access to the risk assessment toolkit, useful contacts and frequently asked questions pages which you may find helpful to refer to as you go along.

Throughout these pages, important legislative requirements and key concepts appear with this key symbol next to them. You may wish to take note of these to help you remember them when it comes to doing your own risk assessment.

Tasks to help you practice your risk assessment skills also appear throughout the training package. They're all designed to take no more than five minutes to complete. Try to avoid the temptation to skip straight to the answers, as they're an important way of reinforcing what you're learning.

Finally, where government approved codes of practice are given, they will be marked with this abbreviation: *ACOP. These are recommended, though not compulsory, codes of good practice which you may find helpful in achieving the mandatory requirements of the law where risk assessment is concerned.

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