Selective Licensing

The Housing Act 2004 gives local councils the power to introduce Selective Licensing in its area, subject to specific government criteria being met and a legal process being followed.

Selective Licensing means that landlords with privately rented properties within a defined area need to apply for a licence in order to rent out each of their properties. Some properties are exempt from this and would not need a licence. These are:

  • holiday lets
  • business premises
  • socially let properties
  • student premises where the university is the landlord
  • premises where the tenant is a family member
  • any property where the landlord already holds an HMO licence

Selective Licensing schemes give councils greater powers to deal with problem landlords and to help improve the way private rented houses are managed, making sure that tenants can have safe and comfortable homes. In a Selective Licensing area, landlords would need to provide gas and electrical safety certificates, keep fire alarms in working order and ensure furniture at their property is safe.

Watch our video for an explanation of our proposals by Neil Evans, Director of Resources and Housing at Leeds City Council.


We are currently holding a consultation to gather feedback about making certain areas in Beeston and Harehills Selective Licensing areas - see the locations being considered on a map (PDF 0.5MB). We have not yet made any decision about this. To shape our decision, you can take part in our consultation which is open until 31 October.

Online consultation for landlords and agents External link
Online consultation for residents, tenants and other stakeholders External link

Drop in events - have your say

The following events will give residents, tenants, landlords, letting agents and other stakeholders an opportunity to speak to council staff about the Selective Licensing proposals in parts of Beeston and Harehills.



Harehills eventsHarehills events<div class="ExternalClass06E6795E7B8E4FD79C2412533D758E81"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>Catch (Ark)<br> 17 September 3pm – 8pm<br> Hovingham Avenue <br> LS8 3QY</li><br> <li>Shine<br> 25 September 3pm – 7:30pm<br> Harehills Road<br> LS8 5HS</li><br> <li>The Old Fire Station<br> 8 October 3pm – 8pm <br> Gipton Approach <br> LS9 6NL</li></ul> <br></div>
Beeston eventsBeeston events<div class="ExternalClass64320FE28E14439CAE033D8F2143835B"><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>Hamara Healthy Living Centre<br> 19 September 3pm – 8pm <br> Tempest Road<br> LS11 6RD</li><br> <li>Hillside Centre<br> 27 September 3pm – 7:30pm<br> Beeston Road<br> LS11 8ND</li><br> <li>Vale Circles<br> 1 October 3pm – 8pm<br> 12 Tunstall Road<br> LS11 5JF</li><br> </ul><br></div>

What happens next?

Once the consultation is finished, we will gather the feedback and look at the available evidence before making a decision on whether to go ahead or not. No decision will be taken before then. If approved, it is likely that any Selective Licensing scheme would start in Autumn 2019.

Selective Licence fees

The proposed licence would cost £825 per property. If you are a member of the Leeds Rental Standard then you would receive a discount of £150 on your application.

Landlords who let a property without having a licence would be committing an offence, and could face an unlimited fine or a civil penalty of up to £30,000.

This page will be regularly updated throughout the consultation period.