Hostel Accommodation

Hostels include accommodation provided for people with no other permanent residence, as distinct from a hotel which generally provides accommodation for visitors for a short term. The categories of hostel accommodation are as follows:

  • Category C1 –Fully Supported Hostels
    Establishments that open on a 24 hour, 365 day a year basis with on site supervision, management and security.

  • Category C2 - Partly Supported Hostels
    This category covers all hostels that do not fall within the definition of C1or C3. There is usually on site management/supervision, security, cleaning of common parts and laundry provision.

  • Category C3 – Guest houses
    These are houses let in lodgings and bed and breakfast establishments. They have a resident landlord who will have some part of the premises for their own exclusive use. The extent of catering provided will vary as will the nature of the accommodation provided. Residents will have exclusive use of a bedroom and may or may not have a shared lounge.

We have provided hostel advisory notes as a guide to work which must be carried out to comply with the conditions in a HMO licence. These notes will also serve as guidance for non-licensable hostels and can be found in the Documents section.

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Hostel Advisory Notes Advisory Notes Nov 2011.pdf300255pdf

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