HMO Licence Fees

Property type(Accredited)(Non-accredited)
5-6 occupants£675£825
7-8 occupants£850£1000
9+ occupants£1,200£1,350



Fee to vary a licenceFee to vary a licence<div class="ExternalClass9E1E9C5D11AF403DA4EB882636C43425">You can download a <a href="/docs/HMO-variation-request-form-2017.pdf"><strong>request for variation form (PDF 43KB)</strong></a>. A variation application can be used for example where there is a change in manager; personal details of the licence holder or an increase in the number of occupants (a fee will be charged where an occupancy increase takes the property into a higher band of occupancy as defined in the ‘HMO Licence Fees’ table).​​​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></div>
Licence discountsLicence discounts<div class="ExternalClass669A11495AB4460DA0D4520951C9C5A5"><p>A discount has been applied to the invoice for a HMO licence if, at the time of issuing the invoice, the applicant for the HMO licence owns the property and is a confirmed member of the Leeds Rental Standard and/or a full, not just advertising member of the UNIPOL Code of Standards.</p> <p>The accreditation discount to the HMO licence fee will NOT be applied if we issue an invoice and your application to either of the above accreditation schemes is pending. You should note that once you have submitted your HMO licence application in most cases, an invoice is issued immediately.</p> <p>We will not retrospectively apply the accreditation discount to an existing invoice and there is no ‘proxy’ entitlement to the accreditation discount by virtue of an ‘association’ between a non-accredited and an accredited member.</p> <p>If during the term of the HMO licence you fail to maintain your membership, then the council will investigate and take appropriate recovery action. This may result in the demand for full repayment of the discounts you have been granted in relation to all your mandatory licensed portfolio.​​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></p></div>
New owner - licensing a previously licensed HMO, HMO Licence application form and guidance notesNew owner - licensing a previously licensed HMO<div class="ExternalClassA442668A9DB24DFDAE6B8F899D6D572A"><p>If you have bought a property which has an existing licence in the name of the previous owner and are operating the property as a licensable HMO, then you will have to make a full application to us.  We will charge £175 for any application we receive from a landlord who wants to ‘buy’ the unexpired term of an existing licence. Any application in respect of a recently purchased licensable HMO must be submitted within 14 days of completion and accompanied with a solicitor's letter confirming the date of completion. If you do not submit an application within 14 days then you will have to pay the full fee and apply for a full five-year licence.</p> <p>An application form can be found in the <strong>related documents</strong> section on this page and can be accessed via the button below.​</p></div>



HMO Licence Application Form and Guidance Notes Licence Application Form and Guidance Notes.pdf533994pdf

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